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Seth Wanders the Columbia River Basin November 2, 2015

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Team rider Seth Celebrates the end of his season working for the Forest Service out of Glacier, Washington with a ride through some the Northwest’s hardest hit wildfire areas. He sent in some great photos and report…

It was mid October and as I wrapped up my seasonal job I threw on the spandex and started pedaling right from work. I had no itinerary but a vague idea of where I would like to see and at a pace that I could actually take in the sights I was surrounded by.  I wanted to see some of the effects of the record-setting Washington wildfires.  I also wanted to see the expansiveness of the Colombia river basin outside of the shelter of an enclosed vehicle.  Besides the destinations I just wanted to pedal and open the my mind.


Seth Holton building trails in the Great Northwest October 23, 2014


We haven’t had an update on our team rider Seth in quite a while. He was the leader of our epic Seattle to SF Field Trip (which is worth a read!). After 7 hard working years as a bike messenger in Seattle he took a job working in the Mt Baker National Forest and more or less fell off the grid. No cell service or internet, just trees, mountains and nature. That area of the country is amazingly beautiful and about as perfect an escape as you could dream up. He sent a few photos and a little update for us….


Seth update January 25, 2013





Somewhere up on the most likely cold and rainy streets of Seattle our team rider Seth Holton is making a living riding bikes around. Ryan Worcester visited him and took some great photos for us.


Announcing our new team rider, Seth! July 19, 2012

Today we are proud to announce the arrival of our new Fairdale team rider Seth Holton.


Working for a living March 21, 2012

Our buddy Seth Holton sent us a couple pics of his Fairdale working on a sunny day in Seattle. Good to see the bike holding up to real world messenger work.