Seth Holton

Without “getting all Brokeback,” the single best word to describe the person adorned with the name Seth Holton is: Powerhouse.  Fitting of a man who long ago traded the Velcro gloves that formally sheathed his sausage fingers while he worked the sheep in rural Vermont for the trials and tribulations of a life in the Pacific Northwest.  Not to be confused with the costumed charade of the modern one trick pony cyclist, Seth is a cultured and refined man who is as much at home in the rugged, wind swept, harsh climes of Washington’s North Cascade mountain range as he is wearing a scarf and reading the Wall Street Journal at the local Bistro.  In the mountains Seth is fast, but on a bicycle he cannot be stopped.  This might paint a picture of a high caliber and highly competitive athlete.  The caliber might be there but refreshingly the competitive is not.  Make no mistake, Seth’s sole and singular motivation for all of his endeavors is fun at the purest level.  Armed with a healthy sense of humor and a genuine can-do attitude, Seth is a good one to have on your side.  Even with his current job description as a bike messenger in a rain soaked and hill infested downtown Seattle, his love for bicycles and the good times to be had on them continues to remain unwavering even after all these years.  He still can’t get enough.  Frankly, we’re glad.  We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of pedal driven mess he gets into next.

-Ryan Worcester