Ryan Worcester

Ryan Worcester may be a guy that you’ve never heard of before but you only have to meet him once or hear a story of him and you’ll not forget him. Weather beaten features, in a good healthy way and with a spark in his eyes. Ryan is an all round great guy, a fantastic friend and an intriguing, multi-dimensional character that can be as creative with his writing and photography as he can be physical with his lifestyle and adventures. He emits an infectious energy that will inspire you and make you envious of the epic times he can conjure up.

Ryan lives life on his own terms, by the simplest means. No unnecessary gadgets and distractions. He isn’t part of a modern disposable world. He can live in a self sufficient way, doing whatever it takes, not wasting what he has got and appreciating what he owns, his health and the people around him.

He is a true king of adventure. Living in a car or traveling on motorbike and camping for months on end to the remotest of locations discovering new things and experiences from the World. A World that you’ll never see, unless you’re lucky enough to accompany him. A World that he sees with a 360 degree vision of possibilities.

He excels in the high, snowy mountains. His wealth of survival techniques and experience come in handy for avoiding avalanches or digging snow shelters, which is valuable in situations where hypothermia and death are real dangers even though he says, ‘It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong’.

He takes the outdoor lifestyle to new extremes, be it on skis, on a cliff face, on the water or on any type of bike. Riding bikes in big, steel toe-capped boots, making panniers out of breadbaskets, he’ll utilize anything to enable himself to have fun. His determination has seen him battle massive injuries and riding with a broken bone inside a cast is just a  slight hindrance. There is very little that can hold back Ryan from seeking out fun and adventure. The ultimate in motivational attitude with no boundaries.

What I’m trying to say is Fairdale is immensely proud to have Ryan on the Team for his skills on a bike as much as for his enthusiasm for life. -Nick Coombes (Honorary Fairdale Team Captain)