2020 Fairdale Bikes

At Fairdale we know that the essence of what’s great about bike riding is that exhilarating sense of freedom you feel from balancing on two wheels for miles at a time. Whether you’re sprinting to a city limit sign, or just leisurely coasting on a long, winding downhill, it’s a magical sensation that is somehow natural, intuitive and thoroughly enjoyable.

We keep the pursuit of that simple feeling in mind whenever we sit down to talk about making a new bike. For 2020 we’re introducing the Macaroni, our first bike for kids, and a freshly redesigned Weekender that allows for bigger tires and different wheel size options.

You’ll also find some carefully selected upgrades on some of our most popular models. We hope you’ll enjoy riding our bikes as much as we loved making them for you. Have a great ride!

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Fairdale News

Skateracks are back!

Skateracks are back in stock and they now fits decks up to 9.25″ wide!

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JP Bevin’s Nomad

JP Bevin’s sent through some rad shots of his custom Weekender Nomad. Click around to scope it out.

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Thrift Store Monty @ Bicycle Sport Shop

Our new display at Bicycle Sport Shop is made up of #thriftstoreMonty paintings. Taj’s dog Monty has become our unofficial mascot. One of Taj’s hobbies is to paint Monty into thrift store paintings, and so what started out as a joke turned into an actual display!

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