Seattle to San Francisco

This marked Fairdale’s first team Field Trip. Sandy Carson and I (along with a few friends) rode bikes down the West Coast to San Francisco.

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Seattle to San Francisco

+ West coast field trip 6.10.2012


Day 0 Over the next couple weeks Fairdale will be on our first official Team Field Trip. Sandy Carson and I (along with a few friends I’ll introduce you to later) are riding bikes down the West Coast to San Francisco. Sandy has already started the journey leaving Seattle a couple days ago.

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+ Portland to Pacific City 6.12.2012


If it’s any indication of how my first day of riding went let me apologize for keeping this post short. I am so zonked from riding I’m not sure I can keep my eyes open much longer.

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+ Pacific City to Newport, OR 6.13.2012

20120612-215150.jpg Day 2/ 55 Miles / $1660 raised.

Today we woke up in Pacfic City and had a nice breakfast at the Grateful Bread. I (after heavy persuasion from the crew) drank coffee. I think that stuff is pretty gross and never drink it, but I drank it this morning with the promise it would help me ride road bikes better.

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+ Newport to Coos Bay, OR 6.14.2012



117 Miles

As John from warned me once about touring, “it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun”. After yesterday I will add my own line to that… “it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, AND sometimes even then it’s not fun.”
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+ Coos Bay to Gold Beach, OR 6.15.2012


87 miles – $1730 raised

Let me tell you how I’m living right now. After a fantastic soak in a hot tub with tear your skin off jets, I’m now laying in bed in my underwear eating a specially prepared veggie meal and beer that was delivered to me by tour mates Sandy and Nick. What’s more I just sent Sandy off to do my laundry!

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+ Gold Beach, OR to Klamath, Ca 6.16.2012


79 miles

We reluctantly left the best Motel 6 ever in Gold Beach and started pedaling through town. We spotted this tiny weird skatepark just down the street and thought it was too good not to ride. Sandy popped his bags off and started carving the bowl. We managed this iPhone snap that came out pretty rad!

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+ Klamath to Arcata, CA 6.17.2012


63 miles – We woke up today with no cell phone reception but an email from our friend Rob Jensen (aka Solid Bikes BMX rider) saying he would meet us between 9-10am in “downtown” Klamath to take us on a tour thru the redwoods.

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+ Sunday morning gear update 6.17.2012

I woke up this morning thinking about our gear and how well it’s done. San Francisco is only 289 miles away on the most direct route (which we surely won’t take) and we are still rolling along splendidly. Since I met up with the trip in Portland the only breakdown of any kind was when I got a flat going 40 mph down a gravel road and pinched a tube when we crossed a sharp cement bridge crossing. I wondered why everyone else was slowing down… I thought they were just being wuss’s because of the skinny tires. I didn’t think about how hard it was to bunny hop the back wheel over a sharp edge with a heavy loaded rear rack on the bike.

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+ Arcata to Garbervile, CA 6.18.2012


85 miles

Ok…. Let’s keep this short. It’s almost midnight and I’m tired. We didn’t really ride that far by our standard, but we did ride ALL DAY LONG.
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+ Garbervile to Fort Bragg, CA 6.19.2012


67 miles

We stopped off at one of the many roadside tourist attractions along the 101, bigfoot’s house. I was itching to pedal. I didn’t even go inside to look. I don’t know what’s happened to me but all I want to do is get into my rhythm and spend the day riding. Wow! Apparently I have a rhythm!
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+ Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay, CA 6.20.2012


109 miles – Raised $1850 for Humane Society so far (today’s the last chance to donate!)

We started our trip out of Fort Bragg in usual fashion. Everyone got spandexed up, stuffed everything back into our bags and then rolled down to the nearest grocery store. Space is huge commodity in my bag so about all I could fit was 4 different energy and nut bars. Refilled my water bottles and took my turn watching the bikes while the other guys did their shopping.

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+ Bodega Bay to San Francisco,CA 6.21.2012


84 miles

In the morning in the hotel I read that heading into SF on the twisty, windy, mountainous and shoulderless highway 1 during evening rush hour was about the worst thing you could do, so that’s exactly what we did.

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