West coast field trip June 10, 2012


Day 0 Over the next couple weeks Fairdale will be on our first official Team Field Trip. Sandy Carson and I (along with a few friends I’ll introduce you to later) are riding bikes down the West Coast to San Francisco. Sandy has already started the journey leaving Seattle a couple days ago.

Because of some work obligations I am catching the guys tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. From there we will follow the coast along for nearly 900 miles down to SF. I’ll be keeping track of the trip here on Fairdale with daily posts and updates. Also, check out @sandycarson and @fairdalebikes on Instagram for photo updates and follow us on Twitter for even more from-the-saddle updates (@fairdalebikes). At this very moment I am typing on the airplane that is flying me to Portland. I’m so excited and can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and start riding. As soon as I got on the plane all the anxiety I’ve been feeling about the trip just vanished. I’ve been so worried I might not be bringing the right riding gear, or that my bike might not be set up right, or that I’m not a strong enough rider to keep up… all that is now gone with the realization that there is no turing back! I’m now committed to the trip and I gotta’ make it to San Francisco somehow if I want to be able to fly home. From here on out it’s all adventure. Plus, having driven this coast route once before I know how fantastically beautiful it is. Escaping the oppressive Austin summer heat for some cool sea breeze days full of fantastic views sounds amazing. Let the ride begin!