Home again, for a day June 7, 2012

And… finally I’m home from my trip around the Eastern half of the country. Whew… what a drive… put almost 6000 miles on my new car. Got a day here in Austin and then its off to the Northwest for the big tour down the west coast.

After I left NYC I headed down to Vineland, NJ and caught the end of Ed’s Games BMX comp. It was a really cool and awesome scene with a lot of people riding. Ran into a bunch of old friends too.  Drove down to Fayetteville, NC and stopped at this shop Hawley’s too. They were real nice and I the most stoked on the huge red bike on the roof of their store. A few stickers and it would be a Fairdale Parser Express.

I continued to stop and bike shops and work in hotel room for the next couple days. I actually really enjoyed seeing all the different bike shops and how they ran things. I took a small break to play with Monty in the Atlantic Ocean north of Jacksonville at Jekyl Island.

The water wasn’t very clean but I did find this jellyfish washed up on shore.

The Mobile, AL skyline/ sunset was pretty astounding. Not sure if a taken while driving iPhone pic can really do it justice but it was epic.

The new Fairdale mobile killed it and the drive was always fun and pleasant… even when I got into some crazy storms around Louisiana.

SO much lightening!

When I got home I found a new shirt for myself from Flying Coffin. Pretty stoked as it matches Monty pretty well.