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Thanks for the pics April 22, 2016


We got a bunch of nice photos gliding through our #fairdalebikes photo stream. Here is one from @jpbevins of @carlyomalley on our 2016 Weekender DropView More

A Beautiful Weekender OG build from No Life Like This Life October 6, 2015

porteurIt is so flattering when someone customizes one of our bikes. I like seeing our bikes reborn in ways that I would never have imagined. It’s also great to know that someone likes the starting platform enough to pour all that extra time/money into the bike. No Life Like This Life just posted a really pretty Weekender OG build belonging to Tyler Scaife.

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Nice Fairdale Cargo Rack man! September 5, 2013


Racks are an awesome addition to a bike. If you`ll be hauling more weight than you could comfortably get into a back pack or if you just want to keep your shirt dry having a cargo rack to carry your stuff is a great solution. Once you have a rack installed there is a whole world of cool pannier bags to carry stuff in AND you can use the Fairdale Skaterack.

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Project Dog Bike September 3, 2013


You’d think I’d have some awesome bike since I get to do the design work at Fairdale, but actually my bike is a hodge-podge of mixed up parts I’m either testing or have won through a bean bag toss at Interbike (thanks Niner!). I’ve essentially had the same Weekender build since the West Coast ride we did a year ago. I spent a few hours rummaging for spare parts and rebuilt my machine into this dog carrying commuter.

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Camping in the wild by bike August 28, 2013


Tyron from The Foot Down put up a cool story about freestyle camping by bike (our Weekender in this case). If you ever thought about getting away for a bit here’s the simplest way to do it. No need to over complicate or over plan… just grab a few essentials and pedal down the road. Check out the story here.


Tired Tires Should Retire August 13, 2013



One of the things we have always been a bit obsessed with at Fairdale is tire quality. It’s such an easy thing to cut corners on (pun!) when you are designing a bike because most consumers do not buy bikes based on tires. On the test ride around the bike shop parking lot tires do not have much to prove so you’ll find a lot of nice bikes with really crappy stock tires installed. However, when you get the bike home tires quickly become a make or break component. Cheap tires that flat easily will bum anyone out. More expensive tires with flat protection might not help us move bikes off the bike shop floor, but they will help you enjoy your bike more often with less headaches. Here’s a short little tire primer from Leif.


Tired Tires Should Retire

Everyone who rides a lot ends up wearing out parts.  Tires have a varying lifespan depending on how many rad skids you do and how many burnouts you have while trying to break 400ft segment Strava records.

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Weekender Custom Build: Seth Peterson August 2, 2013



Seth Peterson from Penn Cycle up in Minneapolis built up a pretty sweet Weekender Frameset. He answered a few questions about it and we have some good photos. We always love seeing what people come up with when building up our frame sets.

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Weekender on Road.CC May 28, 2013


If you are interested in a Weekender here a pretty thorough review over on Road.CC.

Thanks much guys!

Leif’s Custom Build Weekender DropBar May 3, 2013


Leif Valin picked up one of our Weekender Frame and Fork sets and did a cool custom build. Check out how he did it below. Always cool to see how adaptable a frameset can be.

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Denver drive to NAHBBS February 28, 2013


Monty and I took a drive from Austin out to Denver to visit Fairdale rider Leif Valin and check out the NAHBBS.

The drive was extremely peaceful since a lot of it is through the desert in West Texas. Took my time and stopped a lot to wander around.

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Janice & her Weekender January 10, 2013


To launch the R+D section we’re starting pretty tame, but I’m sure some folks will find it very useful. We set our friend Janice up with a new Weekender bike and we are going to document her experience with it. She rides her bike for transportation everyday but says she doesn’t know a lot about bikes. We actually think that she has a lot to teach us about bikes by helping us remember what it’s like to not be immersed all day in the bicycle industry. We figure we can show her some cool ways to make the bike more comfortable for her, more functional and more fun. Adding racks, fenders, adjusting the fit are all relatively simple things to bike nerds like us, but can be a bit daunting for riders who haven’t ever worked on their own bike or who don’t know those options even exist. We’ll help her customize her bike into a machine she’s happy to ride everyday, and in return we’ll have the educational experience to see our bikes though the eyes of one of our customers.


Our popular Weekender 1×9 complete bike is now available in Small thru Extra-Large sizes!

Weekender Ride out to Palmetto State Park December 10, 2012

This weekend Monty and I loaded up my Weekender + BOB trailer and hit the road. I had found a bike route out to Palmetto State Park and thought it looked like a good adventure. 67 miles seemed doable at a leisurely pace since I had a whole day to it.

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Weekender Frame and Forks now in stock November 15, 2012

Our popular Weekender frame and fork is now available. The Weekender has disc brake mounts, integrated headset and can be set up with gears or maybe even an internally geared hub. Who knows why you’ll come up with! Check it out here.

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Fairdale Weekender Review: Urban Velo October 2, 2012

One of our favorite cycling mags Urban Velo just did a nice review on our Weekender bike. It’s a good and thorough review if we do say so ourselves. Thinking about a Weekender? This is for you. And thanks Urban Velo!

Leif’s Devil’s Head weekday Weekender Ride September 17, 2012

Got my new Kelly Green Weekender on a Wednesday. Put it together with haste rode down to the shop and dialed it in, down to Pablo`s for some coffee and hatched a plan for the next day…

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Idaho Springs to Mt. Evans weekender ride September 14, 2012

Went for a casual ride from Idaho Springs up to the top of Mt.Evans. The climb from 7,540 ft. to 14,264 ft. elevation takes place on the highest paved road in North America. My imaginary girlfriend Cindy came along firmly attached to the top tube of my Weekender. With her additional moral support I was sure I would make it to the top in record casual time. Far more time than the current record holder Tom Danielson’s unreal time of 1hr 41 min and 20 seconds to the top of Mt. Evans from Idaho Springs.

If you ever do this ride you will appreciate how scorchingly fast that time is for the terrain, Dudeman.

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New Team Rider: Ryan Worcester August 31, 2012

By no means is the Weekender designed to be ridden on vert ramps... but we think this photo of Ryan is pretty bad ass.

By no means is the Weekender designed to be ridden on vert ramps… but we think this photo of Ryan is pretty bad ass.

We’re proud to introduce a new member of the Fairdale team. Ryan Worcester has been a friend for years and we’re honored to have him be a part of our adventure.

He produced this nice video of riding his Weekender around Maui. It really captures the enjoyment of a good day out pedaling and the fun and adventures you can have.Check out more of Ryan on his Team page

Camping trip from Oakland, Ca to Taylor State Park August 20, 2012

Sandy Carson just got back from California. While out there he lead his buddy Allan on a quick bicycle powered camping trip. Check out the casual adventure below and making the “Weekender” live up to its name. Story and photos by Sandy Carson

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Coaster, Weekender, and Flyer videos up! August 9, 2012

Want to learn more about our bikes? We just uploaded some casually informative videos explaining them.

You can find the videos with each bike in our catalog or…. go ahead and nerd out and watch them below…



Flyer and Flyer Step-through

Parser Black and Parser Express videos will be up in a couple days.

Weekender literally ripped in half by rollergirls! August 2, 2012

Ok, that didn’t actually happen. In fact, this Weekender was given away by the Texecutioners at the recent Star of Texas Bowl.

Check out the rest of the photos and a cool little write up here on the Texas Rollergirls site. Austin is pretty darned amazing isn’t it?! Also, congrats to the winner Michael from Los Angeles!

Check out some sweet new bikes! June 7, 2012

Take a look at our new bikes. Our full line will be in stock by the end of the month!

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Big Bicycle Rides May 22, 2012

I’ve got a few big rides coming up so I started modifying my Weekender prototype bike to see how flexible a platform it is.

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Camping on the Weekender January 11, 2012

In an effort to test our new Weekender model as much as possible before full production I lent my personal steed out for the weekend. This gave the Weekender a chance to live up to its name and prove its stuff. Full Factory’s Logan and his pup Hershal took the bike and my Bob trailer for a 100+ mile ride to a camp ground up north of Austin (Upper Colorado Bend State Park). They traveled with everything they needed for a camping weekend. Logan said the ride was good except that the loaded trailer with dog on board made standing hill climbs difficult. Since his route went through the thick of Texas hill country he spent a lot of time grinding away in the small gears. The ride proved to be quite an adventure and he managed to spend a relaxing weekend with his dog camping and then head back to Austin. Not bad!

Sounds like a lot of fun… I think I might be doing something very similar very soon.

Thanks to Andrew Brady for the pic!

Rainy day… peeing on stuff December 19, 2011

Just had a little meeting across town and had to clip on my fenders for some rain riding. On my way home a car ran a stop sign and almost got me. I instinctively death gripped both brake levers when I saw what was about to happen. Before the brakes had even engaged it flashed through my mind that it was raining and my brakes weren’t going to work. Luckily, as fast as I thought that they did start working. So stoked on disc brakes in the rain! Those things stopped so well! Almost never rains here in Austin so I don’t really get to see that other benefit of disc brakes. Fairdale Weekender above coming early next year.

The other good thing to do with rainy days is make mischief with photoshop! Made this Fairdale ad as a joke on Prolly is Not Probably. Like as if we had the ad space above him this is what our ad would look like.  We did actually send in our first ad to Urban Velo and so you can check us out in print in january. Not sure if it will be so urine focused.