Fairdale Dograck (or Catrack) October 19, 2011

****** Update: REALLY!! Far too many people are leaving annoyed comments. C’mon… It’s a joke!!!! It’s photoshop (and purposely bad photoshop!! I mean, a 130lb lab on a saddle bag?) No dog was ever even lifted off the ground. We love dogs here. Always have, our office is full of them. We understand our photo is out in the wild confusing people we promise it was all done in good fun and none of our pets were ever even a little bit annoyed by the photo shoot (let alone actually installed on to bicycles). There’s no way that this would work in the real world of course! 




There’s always been a battle between man’s two best friends… his bike and his dog. And until now there has been no perfect solution for attaching a dog to a bicycle.

Borrowing on the success of our Skaterack and looking for a superior solution to carrying a dog with a bicycle (better then a basket or trailer) Fairdale has been hard at work {today}.

Using the existing parts from the Skaterack we simply modified the simple pannier mounting system.

With this simple system a dog can be supported on the rack with ease. The dog is positioned behind the pedal stroke of the rider for maximum heel clearance.

Most any dog or CAT can be carried with ease. The design is NOT breed or even species specific.Our tests have had equal success with raccoons to turtles.

Note: Larger dogs may create some pedal stroke issues for riders with larger feet.

Look for the Fairdale Dograck alongside the Skaterack at your favorite bike or pet shops. Happy pedaling!