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At Fairdale, we strive to make simple and reliable bicycles to complement the styles of riding that we love to do. We make bikes because we want to be able to share the joy of a simple ride with you. You’ll find us doing everything from long road rides, to commuting, touring or just casually cruising around town. Our bikes have been designed from the ground up to make riding as hassle-free as possible, so you can easily grab on to that special feeling that only riding a bike can give.

For 2017 our line-up is even more polished than before, so whether you want to cruise on a Taj or Flyer, go shopping with your Daybird, do a quick commute with your Lookfar, go touring with your Weekender, or ride 100 miles of rolling hills with a Goodship, we have you covered. We know that you’re going to love this year’s bikes as much as we do. Enjoy!


2017 Flyer

2017 Flyer $469.99Black or Sea Green

Sometimes you just want to go for a “bike ride”. You don’t want a watered down version of a racing bike, or 30 gears. What you really want is a simple bike that will work every time you throw a leg over the top tube. We designed the Flyer to be a non-intimidating bike that will inspire you with its ease-of-use every time you want to “go for a ride”.

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2017 Lookfar

2017 Lookfar $529.99Black or Cadet Blue

The Lookfar makes cruising and commuting easy. One simple trigger shifter changes the gears up-or-down through all 7-speeds. 42mm wide Continental tires feel fast on smooth ground while still confidently handling rough terrain.

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2017 Daybird

2017 Daybird $549.99Black or Military Blue

Classic 1960’s 3-speed cruisers are some of our favorite bikes. The Daybird takes inspiration from the old bikes we admire and adds in carefully selected modern improvements.

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2017 Daybird Step-Thru

2017 Daybird Step-Thru $549.99Black or Military Blue

Classic 1960’s 3-speed cruisers are some of our favorite bikes. The Daybird takes inspiration from the old bikes we admire and adds in carefully selected modern improvements.

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2017 Taj

2017 Taj $599.99Army Green

We love BMX bikes because they are hands-down the simplest and toughest bikes out there. Why can’t more bikes be as durable as a BMX yet still comfortable enough to “sit-down and pedal-on”? Designed to be the bike that we all want to bomb around town on, the Fairdale Taj does all of that and more.

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2017 Weekender Archer

2017 Weekender Archer $849.99Chrome or Sea Green

The Weekender Archer is an adaptable commuter and light tourer. Building the bike with our Archer handlebars allows for a riding position that is both comfortable for easy rides and stable for fast ones.

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2017 Weekender Archer x Biltwell

2017 Weekender Archer x Biltwell $899.99Vintage White (Only 100 Made)

We let our friends at Biltwell have their way with the new 2017 Weekender Archer and they came up with something truly special. The Biltwell graphics, Vintage White paint, a custom seat, and their famous Torker Grips, really make this version of the Archer stand out in a crowd. Only 100 of these bikes were produced. Each is individually numbered.

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2017 Weekender Drop Bar

2017 Weekender Drop Bar $1199.99Black or Chrome

The Weekender Drop sits at the top of the Weekender line. It ties together an excellent parts kit with our versatile Weekender frame and fork. The Drop is a true 10-speed with a dynamic range thanks to the 11-40T rear cassette that has been paired to a 42-T Narrow Wide chainring.

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2017 Goodship

2017 Goodship $2499.99Surf Blue

What really matters on a road bike is the ride feel. Yes, bike weight and aerodynamics matter if you are a top pro, but high-strung disposable race bikes are not designed to be enjoyable to ride. The Goodship takes a step back from the delicate, high-strung race machines and instead is designed to be something you will love to ride every day, and for year after year too!

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We don't sell our bikes direct online but we do sell some parts, softgoods, accessories and the occasional closeout item. We want you to have the best experience possible on our bikes and making sure they are assembled by a qualified mechanic is a very important part of that. If you're interested in our bikes meet up with one of our dealers and they will set you up! We urge to support them whenever possible.