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Fairdale is available around the world!

If you live outside of the US, contact a distributor near you.

Argentina: Fad Bikes
Canada: Ryder Distribution
Denmark: Sunshine Distribution
Finland: Sunshine Distribution
France: Frenchys Distribution
Germany: Sport Import
Japan: Motocross International
Mexico: Xtreme Bikes
Netherlands: Sunshine Distribution
Poland: BMX Forever
Russia: Action Distri
South Africa: Hunter Cycling
Sweden: Sunshine Distribution
Ukraine: Velomarket / Big Toys
UK: IMG Distribution
USA (accessories only): QBP and J&B Importers
USA: Full Factory Distro



For full warranty information regarding Fairdale bikes and components, please click here.

Become a Dealer

Bike shops in the USA can buy Fairdale Bikes from Full Factory Distribution. International dealers can also contact Full Factory and be directed to the proper regional distributor.

Full Factory (TX)
Phone: (512) 382-9973
Fax: (512) 297-2476

Email: info@fullfactorydistro.com