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Fairdale is available around the world!

If you live outside of the US, contact a distributor near you.

Argentina: Fad Bikes
Canada: Ryder Distribution
Denmark: Sunshine Distribution
Finland: Sunshine Distribution
France: Frenchys Distribution
Germany: Sport Import
Japan: Motocross International
Mexico: Xtreme Bikes
Netherlands: Sunshine Distribution
Poland: BMX Forever
Russia: Action Distri
South Africa: Hunter Cycling
Sweden: Sunshine Distribution
Ukraine: Velomarket / Big Toys
UK: IMG Distribution
USA (accessories only): QBP and J&B Importers
USA: Full Factory Distro



For full warranty information regarding Fairdale bikes and components, please click here.

Become a Dealer

Bike shops in the USA can buy Fairdale Bikes from Full Factory Distribution. International dealers can also contact Full Factory and be directed to the proper regional distributor.

Phone: (562) 623-9995
Fax: (562) 623-9885
Eric “Barney” Cuiper: barneyc@fullfactorydistro.com
Sam Carlson: sam@fairdalebikes.com

Phone: (562) 623-9995
Juan Zuluaga: juanz@fullfactorydistro.com

Email: info@fullfactorydistro.com