Adventure in a box: Day 5 North of Honolua Bay, through Lahaina to Paia 4.14.2014


The route in early morning light.  What a great way to start the day.

The route in early morning light. What a great way to start the day.

What a night with the rain, but waking up to one hell of a view is a great way to start the day.  I took some time to enjoy the desolate road, and to marvel at the landscape and the open ocean stretching as far as the eye could see.  From here I made my way towards Honolua Bay.

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Adventure In A BOX: Day 4 Paia to North of Honolua Bay 4.11.2014

Paia town isn’t board of surfing.

Paia town isn’t board of surfing.

Day 4

After hiding from the rain for the night, I awoke to stormy clouds but it wasn’t raining!  I looked at some NOAA weather models for the day, and it looked like I was going to get wet.  Most likely really wet.  So I bought some zip lock bags as extra insurance that all my gear would stay dry and after a couple quick stops got back on the road.

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Adventure In A Box: Day 3 Kaupo to outside Paia 4.10.2014

Waking up to this is a great way to start the day.

Waking up to this is a great way to start the day.

Day 3 of our Adventure In A Box starts with our travelers waking up in a cave in Maui. Noah heads off back to work and Ryan picks up the trip solo. There is also a bow and arrow involved in todays story…day3 Read More

Adventure in a box: Day 2 Hana to Kaupo 4.9.2014

Ryan with an early morning swim to rock face climb...

Ryan with an early morning swim to rock face climb…

Ryan with a BIG jump into the ocean below at Wainapanapa

Ryan with a BIG jump into the ocean below at Wainapanapa

Day Two
We took a quick cruise to Wainapanapa state park and I went for an early morning ocean swim out to a sea stack, which I could climb up the chossy volcanic rock to reach the top before jumping into the ocean below. A great way to start the day, and even better after we went for another swim in the freshwater caves close by.

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Adventure In Box: Day 1 Paia to Hana 4.8.2014

day1map copyRyan’s trip starts here…

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Adventure In a Box: Day 0 Essential Bike Touring Gear (bow n’ arrow, chess board, ect..) 4.8.2014

We’re very pleased to bring you a new Field Trip installment from beautiful Maui.  We sent Ryan Worcester a Weekender and he will be taking us along on his adventure around the island. He’ll be handling both the typing and camera work. We would be stoked if you read this and got inspired to buy a Fairdale, but to be entirely honest, we’d be even happier if we inspired you to get out there and take your own adventure. Ryan is a master of making do with what’s available and he’ll show us all how to travel without the stress of overthinking and over planning. Read on and enjoy the amazing images…


Adventure In a Box by Ryan Worcester

Day Zero.

Everything starts somewhere, especially something that in hindsight you’d call an adventure.  This particular journey started with a box.  Two of them to be exact.  The first one came in the form of a cardboard box (with the graphic of an animal that had the desire to say something important).  Inside this box from Fairdale was a drop bar Weekender, and coupled with it came an opportunity to spend five days pedaling around Maui, Hawaii.  An endeavor like this requires some supplies, hence the second box. Read More

Field trip: Tour of Maui 4.7.2014


Starting tomorrow Ryan Worcester will be taking us along for a 5 day bicycle field trip around Maui. Can’t wait to see the places he ends up and photos he takes. 5iMt6SrCQ6FXM1bzcbKvDVlg2Ny1MvHQ9Vju_owGlAw


Fairdale R+D 3.21.2014

Fairdale Bikes presents a little insight into its highly advanced R & D department. Aerodynamic 2×4 bikes and Fender Bass Bicycle are all put to the test.

CAMERA + EDIT: Francis

Thanks URBAN CYCLIST 3.20.2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.13.09 AM

Urban Cyclist magazine reviewed our UK Spec Coaster and previewed our Goodship road bike. Thanks very much guys, we appreciate it very much! Click on to read their write up or better yet go subscribe to the mag here.

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Free BIKE 3.11.2014


Thanks to Wahoo’s ATX and 365 Things to Do in Austin we are giving away a beautiful chrome Coaster during SXSW. To win is EASY, though it’s a bit of mouthful… visit the Wahoo’s in Austin at 509 Rio Grande St and see the Coaster on display there. Take a photo of the bike and instagram it with the hashtag #wahoos365fairdale. We’ll pick a winner from the tagged photos on saturday. Good luck!

Custom Coaster: Anthony Sanchez 3.4.2014


Anthony over at Sanctuary Printshop took one of our Coasters and made it into something really special. I can’t think if anything more flattering then someone customizing a bike we made. Since it looks so badass Nuno snapped some photos and got the story about this fine machine. -taj

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Fairdale at QBP’s Frostbike 2.27.2014


Fairdale was just up at QBP’s Frostbike show (a show for bike shops folks to see the new products). Check out the above photo and more of the fun in an awesome photo gallery over at Prolly Is Not Probably’s blog. We showed off this Taj frame and fork built up with a bunch of great Odyssey parts. QBP is now carrying the Taj frame + fork as well as our Skaterack. Actually so is BTI! Complete bikes (and our full range of products) will continue to be available to bike shops through Full Factory.

New shop in Pittsburgh: Kindred Cycles 2.25.2014


We made friends with a new shop up in Pittsburgh called Kindred Cycles. They just picked up some Fairdales… check it out:


Bike Check: Weekender training/ work horse build 2.10.2014

Fairdale Road Setup-13

Coming to us from our own Full Factory sales manager, Michael Moore’s own Weekender build.

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A little movie magic: Behind the scenes 2.6.2014

bobbyPToday we got this rad pic of Full Factory Distribution’s own Bobby Parker laying down a nice patch on a Fairdale Coaster. Just how exactly did he get this photo you ask? Well, at the risk of spoiling some movie magic we have provided a detailed diagram showing exactly how the video was taken (as this photo is a screen shot of video). While we brought it up, click on over to Full Factory for a kick ass Fairdale sale (if you are a bike shop).

Click on for the spoiler…

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Fairdale around the world 1.31.2014

everypedalFairdale’s world wide distribution has grown!! Check out all the countries we are now available in….


Australia: Triple Six Distributions
Canada: Ryder Distribution
Denmark: Sunshine Distribution
Finland: Sunshine Distribution
Germany: Sport Import
Japan: Motocross International
Mexico: Xtreme Bikes
New Zealand: Triple Six Distributions
Russia: Action Distri
Singapore: Tiong Hin
Sweden: Sunshine Distribution
UK: Triton Imports
USA: Full Factory Distro


A preview of the Goodship 1.23.2014


We have a new bike coming out towards the end of this year called the Goodship. We’re pretty excited about it so we thought we’d share a little preview on what will be our flagship machine. We set out to design a high-end steel road bike with a race-inspired geometry that still retained Fairdale sensibilities. The bike is a mix of some tried and true technologies that have been paired up with some of the most modern manufacturing techniques and resources available. One of the design elements we are excited about is our new Drawnright tubeset. Each size of the Goodship will have a special seamless, Japanese, 4130 chromoly tubeset that is custom drawn and butted to our exact specifications. It’s a unique opportunity to have complete control over the butting, shape and size of each tube. Every Drawnright tubeset is also heat-treated to precise tolerances to further improve their strength and ride quality. The end result is a completely custom, high-quality chromoly tubeset for each size of the frame.

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NEW MODEL: UK Spec Coaster 1.21.2014



Announcing a new bike…sort of. The folks who bring Fairdale to the UK, Triton Imports, asked us for a special edition of our popular Coaster bike which we are calling the UK Spec Coaster. Although this bike will primarily be aimed at the UK market we will also bring in a handful to the USA in spring time. The UK Spec Coaster is essentially the same as the normal Coaster but with a few minor tea drinking inspired changes.

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Thanks to Urban Cyclist Magazine 1.10.2014


Urban Cyclist Magazine ran some nice photos of Fairdales in the latest issue. Thanks dudes!! Our bikes are lovingly brought into the UK by Triton Imports.


Tajs back in stock and 3-Speed Flyers 12.26.2013

tajhop Stolen from our #fairdalebox instagram tag we found a picture of Eli Platt literally bunny hopping on the new TAJ bike. After a lightening fast sell through of our first run we just got more back in stock. We also have 3-Speed Flyers in stock too!

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Ice is not prejudICE! Fairdale cold weather riding tips 12.23.2013

IMG_0108When the cold arrives and the snow starts to fall a lot of people put their bikes away. That’s a shame because riding in the winter can be surprisingly enjoyable. The quiet blanket of snow over everything and the empty bike paths are a treat to ride. There’s only a few things you need to know before you can be out enjoying your bike in the “worst” kind of weather. Expert winter commuter Leif Valin shares some winter riding tips in the article below….

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New Frame and Fork sets available really soon 12.13.2013


We”ll have a bunch of new Frame and fork sets in soon!

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New Fairdale accessories 12.6.2013



We got some new Fairdale goodies in stock today. Seats and headsets. Check them out!

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Bike Biz editorial: the roots of Fairdale 12.6.2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.23.23 PM


Bike Biz asked me to write a little piece on how I transitioned from hardcore BMX dude into bikes with bigger wheels. I got slightly off subject and ended up writing more about how I managed to stay in love with bikes all these years. The whole mag is pretty awesome (aimed at the bicycle industry). Check out my story on page 11. View it online here or download a PDF version of the mag here. Thanks Bike Biz! -Taj

extra curricular activities (texas toast and urban rhythm) 11.25.2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.34.10 AM

Over the past month I have found myself in a few amazing extra curricular activities that Fairdale fans may not know about. For the last 3 years I have helped put on the Texas Toast Jam and the 3rd edition went down a few weeks ago. Also, last week I helped out with the Redbull Urban Rhythm event as a ramp builder/ designer. Although none of these events were exactly Fairdale related it might be interesting to see some of the other things we get involved with over here at Fairdale.  There’s a really cool documentary about Texas Toast from Odyssey BMX that is worth checking out.

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