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Pet Pegs October 27, 2015


Spent the morning goofing off doodling. Came up with another product for our Probably Going to Patent series: Pet Pegs. Taking your pet on bike rides can be difficult, but Pet Pegs will change that. Strap your animal to the pegs, mount the pegs to appropriate sized wheels, lock the tow rope to your bike and roll!


Driver-less Bicycle and half a decade of innovation October 7, 2015

driverless bike

With e-bikes blurring the lines between bicycles and motorcycles we thought that maybe we are approaching automated cycling from the wrong direction. Perhaps the problem with bicycles is not the pedaling so much as it is the steering. Our Robotic Bike Driver® easily attaches to your tandems driver’s seat-post and will take care of all steering duties. In fact it is actually an updated solution for our previously Probably Going to Patent design for the Lonely Tandem Handlebars. Click on to see more of our ground breaking designs through the years.


Invisible Roof Rack June 14, 2011

As part of Fairdale’s revolutionary (probably going to) patent (someday) design series we bring you the Invisible BMX Roof Rack.

After two customers saw our Skateboard Rack and asked about the possibility of a BMX rack we put on our engineering cap and came up with this masterpiece of design. A simple, easy and elegant way to transport your BMX long distances but still under pedal power. Look for it at bike shops soon (probably).


Nose-Manual-helpers Redux May 9, 2011

You may remember many months ago on this blog we posted our Probably-Going-To-Patent Nose Manual Helpers.

Thankfully we will (probably) patent these things since amazingly in the last 2 weeks two different people followed through with our design plans and actually built the things.

The first attempt was delivered via Twitter from Mr. Wallride Guy.

He said this ended up being a pretty painful endeavor, but you may notice not he did not clearly follow our blue prints.

The next day though we received these from Mr. Sam who lives somewhere cold.

Being much truer to our original concept these ones are actually stated to help learn nose manuals.

Sweet right! Thanks Sam for the surprise prototyping!

Nipple protection July 6, 2010

With today’s street riding reaching never before seen bike demolishing levels Fairdale is here to help. Hub guards are an old stand by for protecting hubs against street riding abuse, be what about spoke nipples? Just like human nipples spoke nipples can be very fragile.

Introducing the Fairdale Nipple Bra.

Using a light weight combination of soft cotton and lycra this protective bra can keep your spoke nipples in perfect condition through even the roughest riding conditions.

Small elastic straps hook around the rim and underneath the tire making the bra very difficult to break free.

Still only in the prototyping phase is the valve stem athletic supporter. Once the design is finalized we promise to deliver a fail safe means of protecting your valve stem.

All about man-holes. June 4, 2010

As always Fairdale looks to improve the world through superior design and engineering. Our latest invention achieves this through the often forgotten means of simple laughter. We strongly hold dear the ideal that a good laugh can improve the quality of life for all who share it.

And so, we proudly introduce the remote controlled spring loaded manhole cover.

This simple device is focused around an extremely powerful spring, and can easily replace any normal manhole cover. The spring may be detonated remotely for hours of enjoyment and wholesome fun.

Simply replace any existing manhole cover with the Fairdale Remote Controlled Spring Loaded Manhole Cover and wait for an unsuspecting cyclist to cross over the target zone. Release the spring with the “Launch” button at the right time for a huge laugh everytime!

Works great on pedestrians too! Try it on smaller, lighter children for the ultimate “boost”.

New back safe design April 19, 2010

Thanks to the power of science and design we will soon be able to introduce a fantastic new product. What gel seats, suspension and even recumbot bikes can’t do the Back-A-Ratus can. The Back-A-Ratus will once and for all eliminate all lower back stress from bicycle riding by safely and comfortably removing all stress to the area. A carbon fiber support rod lifts all of the riders weight in the ever crucial lumbar area. Back-A-Radical!

Solving the problems of BMX through design. April 14, 2010

It seems that as BMX increasingly becomes more and more technical many riders are feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty. At the same time it seems like many young rider are making it all look just too easy. Today Fairdale introduces two new concepts to solve both problems.

First up is the Nose-Peg nosewheelie learning device. We took the normal axle peg and fitted it with a small “learning” wheel. The peg can be rotated on the axle to find the optimum balance point. In this way a rider can learn to roll around on his front wheel.

If like many of today’s young riders you find BMX to be just too easy we introduce the “Ironing Board” BMX to Uni-cycle adapter. Our engineers claim a 500% increase in riding difficulty with this adapter over a normal BMX. The scissor like device can be adjusted to fit any BMX bicycle by simply attaching to the front and rear dropouts. An ordinary BMX rear wheel is fitted to the device and a chain is connected to provide locomotion.

“Smooth out your BMX style with the Fairdale Ironing Board BMX to Uni-cycle adapter!!”

New product of the day April 9, 2010

Tandems are amazing bicycles. All the efficiency and zero ecological footprint of a normal bicycle, but multiplied by two for two riders. The only downside is that tandems are not fit for single person use. It may be a substantial investment on your part to purchase a tandem so we have developed a way to keep your bicycle functional during those unfortunate times when you do not have a second rider.

Lonely Tandem Handlebars

Introducing Lonely Tandem Handlebars. The perfect solution for divorcee’s, widowers, or just any single person who loves to ride a tandem.

This well engineered bar features a zero degree up sweep design with a 90 degree back sweep. Very comfortable for even long solo tandem rides.