All about man-holes. June 4, 2010

As always Fairdale looks to improve the world through superior design and engineering. Our latest invention achieves this through the often forgotten means of simple laughter. We strongly hold dear the ideal that a good laugh can improve the quality of life for all who share it.

And so, we proudly introduce the remote controlled spring loaded manhole cover.

This simple device is focused around an extremely powerful spring, and can easily replace any normal manhole cover. The spring may be detonated remotely for hours of enjoyment and wholesome fun.

Simply replace any existing manhole cover with the Fairdale Remote Controlled Spring Loaded Manhole Cover and wait for an unsuspecting cyclist to cross over the target zone. Release the spring with the “Launch” button at the right time for a huge laugh everytime!

Works great on pedestrians too! Try it on smaller, lighter children for the ultimate “boost”.