You can be in my club, but only if you wear t-shirts. June 3, 2010

It was suggested to me that I start a T-shirt of the month club based around some of these Fairdale drawings. That might be fun. You could subscribe for one low price and then each month I would just print a new shirt from a new drawing and mail it to you.

I can see some problems with this idea though:

For one thing, what if you sign up for one size T-shirt, but then your weight fluctuates wildly from month to month?

Or what if (as often happens) the Fairdale corporation tries to cut some costs by using inferior shirts that make you break out in a rash?

And perhaps most dangerous is the idea of you trusting my sense of humor. There’s a very real chance I might think something really REALLY dum would be funny to put on a t-shirt. Are you really willing to risk that and subscribe your money away fearlessly and faithfully?

On the other hand, I do know some really awesome artists and it would be cool to have some guest artists do a shirt design or two. You might end up with something really unique and cool. I haven’t actually asked anyone and I’m not quite sure how I would get these “artists” to work for Fairdale, but usually just a million or so dollars convinces anyone. Maybe even some of you are artists. Now that would be a good deal… you do the drawing and then buy the shirt from me!

There is some precedence for this club-of -the-month kind of thing so maybe its not such a stretch:

Pizza of the month club.

Bacon of the month club.

And I know most of you are already enrolled in the Pickle of the month club.

Of course there already is a really awesome T-shirt of the month club too over at Threadless.