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Fairdale Track Bike Racing May 7, 2012

This is kind of wrong but kind of amazing. Our Fairdale Parser bikes were made to be an all around single speed bike complete with rack and fender mounts and freewheel. Leave it to Hernan to do something weird with it like race around an oval track as as fixed gear. He’s already raced it as a single speed cross bike and a pizza delivery vehicle. Photo thanks goes to Pat Benson.


Orange 20 and Hern’s Custom Fairdale November 10, 2011

We are pretty stoked that Orange 20 Bike Shop in Los Angeles is carrying Fairdales.


National biking with a bag race in Austin October 12, 2011

The North American Cycle Courier Championships were held in Austin this past weekend. I spent the weekend out at the races trying to understand what was going on and enjoying the fun.