Orange 20 and Hern’s Custom Fairdale November 10, 2011

We are pretty stoked that Orange 20 Bike Shop in Los Angeles is carrying Fairdales.

We’re equally happy to see photos of Hern’s (of Orange 20) custom build. He took a normal Fairdale Parser Express and switched out a few bits to make it his commuter bike.

I like the front rack thing. Look like you could could put a pizza on it as inspiration to pedal faster.

Hern’s had his bike for a while and before it was his commuter he had it set up as his single speed cyclecross bike (above).

We certainly didn’t design the bike to be a cyclecross racer, but I guess we left enough tire clearance for some low profile knobs.

On the front Hern used a different fork with canti mounts.

Thanks to the guys at Orange 2o and Hern!