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Fairdale x Neckface Flyer October 28, 2020

We are proud to introduce the limited-edition Fairdale & Neckface Flyer. We started discussing this project in late 2019, and we are happy to finally release it.

Being a Fairdale owner himself, collaborating with this world-renowned artist was a no brainer. In the end, Neckface chose our Flyer model and gave it the Neckface makeover, complete with all new artwork and decals over a classic yellow with black bars and forks. Believe it or not, this is the first yellow Fairdale we’ve ever done.

Limited to 200 bikes worldwide.

NOTE: Bicycles purchased online are shipped partially assembled and require professional assembly. Proof of assembly (receipt) from a qualified bicycle retailer must be submitted with all warranty claims. Any claims submitted without a proof of assembly will be rejected.


You can put so much crap on your bike December 21, 2015


Forgive the slightly sarcastic title. It’s really amazing how adaptable bicycles are and the amount of cool attachments you can stick on them. Want to carry stuff with you on a bike ride, I promise there is a solution for that. Leif tried out some accessories on his Weekender Archer. Check out some options…


Pictures of cool looking Fairdales from Instagram October 26, 2015

I lurked around the #fairdalebikes hashtag on instagram and found a rad assortment of customized bikes. Stoked to see them, thanks y’all!

Win a one of a kind Austin Beerworks x Fairdale Flyer April 15, 2015


This sunday, April 19th, you can win this one of a kind Austin Beerworks x Fairdale Flyer bicycle at Easy Tiger. The Easy Tiger “Easy Sunday” hosted events are always a good time (we’ve been to a few of them). This time the event includes a cruise starting at Windmill Bikes starting at 12:30pm. The easy going cruise will end up down at Easy Tiger where Austin Beerworks will provide $1 cans of their wonderful beer, there will be live screen printing, good food, mellow sunday fun and potential bike winning!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.43.22 AM

New shop in Pittsburgh: Kindred Cycles February 25, 2014


We made friends with a new shop up in Pittsburgh called Kindred Cycles. They just picked up some Fairdales… check it out:


Nice Fairdale Cargo Rack man! September 5, 2013


Racks are an awesome addition to a bike. If you`ll be hauling more weight than you could comfortably get into a back pack or if you just want to keep your shirt dry having a cargo rack to carry your stuff is a great solution. Once you have a rack installed there is a whole world of cool pannier bags to carry stuff in AND you can use the Fairdale Skaterack.


News for Bike Shops: Flyer Update August 14, 2013



Our Flyer and Flyer Step-through bikes have done well for us. These simple, bare bones and fun bikes seem to strike a nerve with people looking for a bike to enjoy a cruise on… happy-riding-no-complications. This model is a favorite for bike shops too because it has minimal things that could go wrong, simple sizing and a fair price point. We sold out of our first round of bikes and re-ordered a new batch. We took that opportunity make a few updates to the Flyers.


Tired Tires Should Retire August 13, 2013



One of the things we have always been a bit obsessed with at Fairdale is tire quality. It’s such an easy thing to cut corners on (pun!) when you are designing a bike because most consumers do not buy bikes based on tires. On the test ride around the bike shop parking lot tires do not have much to prove so you’ll find a lot of nice bikes with really crappy stock tires installed. However, when you get the bike home tires quickly become a make or break component. Cheap tires that flat easily will bum anyone out. More expensive tires with flat protection might not help us move bikes off the bike shop floor, but they will help you enjoy your bike more often with less headaches. Here’s a short little tire primer from Leif.


Tired Tires Should Retire

Everyone who rides a lot ends up wearing out parts.  Tires have a varying lifespan depending on how many rad skids you do and how many burnouts you have while trying to break 400ft segment Strava records.


Flyer Tandem Project April 12, 2013


When I think of riding a tandem I think of laughing out loud at how goofy it feels. Whether it’s that spooky out of control feeling of being on the back seat with handlebars that don’t steer, or the silly “oh shit” feeling you have trying to steer and control a tandem from the front it is always a riot. It got me thinking that Fairdale should have a tandem… at least one for us to play on here at the office. A couple of Flyer bikes were in front of me and I realized could probably plug them together pretty easily.


Flyer Review in Bicycle Times February 6, 2013



The new Bicycle Times magazine  has a review of the Fairdale Flyer. We’re really honored by their words and feel like they captured the intent of the Flyer perfectly. “I fell in love with the bike on the first pedal stroke,” and, “…the bike put a smile on my face every time I mounted it.” Aside from all the obvious stroking and mounting jokes we truly appreciate the love from BT. Check out the full review below and pick up an issue too!