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Happy Christmas from Fairdale December 22, 2011

For Christmas I got Monty a new Bob trailer. 10 Miles to and from work is a bit much for those stumpy legs and unfortunately the Dograck didn’t really work that well. I made the above christmas card to you all inspired by how we’re about to ride home.


Sweet new idea for coating bikes (re-up) October 20, 2011

With the outstanding success of our new Dograck for animal lovers we thought it might be appropriate to repost our concept bikes for animal skin lovers. There are other ways to carry animal carcass’s on a bike you know.

Feb 16, 2011

Thanks to Bike Snob I learned about this rather startling $27,000 fixed gear bike.

This bike is completely covered in hand stitched “water buffalo leather”. Although water buffalo leather is undeniably classy I was thinking maybe we could accomplish some of the same type of thing for Fairdale on a slightly lower costs basis. We’re always trying to bring you the latest and greatest in bicycle technology, but we believe it should be affordable.


Fairdale Dograck (or Catrack) October 19, 2011

****** Update: REALLY!! Far too many people are leaving annoyed comments. C’mon… It’s a joke!!!! It’s photoshop (and purposely bad photoshop!! I mean, a 130lb lab on a saddle bag?) No dog was ever even lifted off the ground. We love dogs here. Always have, our office is full of them. We understand our photo is out in the wild confusing people we promise it was all done in good fun and none of our pets were ever even a little bit annoyed by the photo shoot (let alone actually installed on to bicycles). There’s no way that this would work in the real world of course! 




There’s always been a battle between man’s two best friends… his bike and his dog. And until now there has been no perfect solution for attaching a dog to a bicycle.