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Volcom Wild In the Parks June 25, 2014

volcombWe gave away  a Coaster set up with a skaterack to the winner of the “Hipster” hip competition at the Denver stop of Volcom Wild In the Parks event a couple weeks ago. The winner must now grow a mustache, wear decorative scarves and go everywhere with a messenger bag cinched up extra tight. Volcom does a really great job with this fun and free skate event. Top 15 dudes get invited to a $15,000 purse event at Volcom’s private skatepark later this year! Congrats to Devin for winning the bike and cheers to Volcom for having us be a part of things.



Thanks URBAN CYCLIST March 20, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.13.09 AM

Urban Cyclist magazine reviewed our UK Spec Coaster and previewed our Goodship road bike. Thanks very much guys, we appreciate it very much! Click on to read their write up or better yet go subscribe to the mag here.


Free BIKE March 11, 2014


Thanks to Wahoo’s ATX and 365 Things to Do in Austin we are giving away a beautiful chrome Coaster during SXSW. To win is EASY, though it’s a bit of mouthful… visit the Wahoo’s in Austin at 509 Rio Grande St and see the Coaster on display there. Take a photo of the bike and instagram it with the hashtag #wahoos365fairdale. We’ll pick a winner from the tagged photos on saturday. Good luck!

Custom Coaster: Anthony Sanchez March 4, 2014


Anthony over at Sanctuary Printshop took one of our Coasters and made it into something really special. I can’t think if anything more flattering then someone customizing a bike we made. Since it looks so badass Nuno snapped some photos and got the story about this fine machine. -taj


A little movie magic: Behind the scenes February 6, 2014

bobbyPToday we got this rad pic of Full Factory Distribution’s own Bobby Parker laying down a nice patch on a Fairdale Coaster. Just how exactly did he get this photo you ask? Well, at the risk of spoiling some movie magic we have provided a detailed diagram showing exactly how the video was taken (as this photo is a screen shot of video). While we brought it up, click on over to Full Factory for a kick ass Fairdale sale (if you are a bike shop).

Click on for the spoiler…


NEW MODEL: UK Spec Coaster January 21, 2014



Announcing a new bike…sort of. The folks who bring Fairdale to the UK, Triton Imports, asked us for a special edition of our popular Coaster bike which we are calling the UK Spec Coaster. Although this bike will primarily be aimed at the UK market we will also bring in a handful to the USA in spring time. The UK Spec Coaster is essentially the same as the normal Coaster but with a few minor tea drinking inspired changes.


Nice Fairdale Cargo Rack man! September 5, 2013


Racks are an awesome addition to a bike. If you`ll be hauling more weight than you could comfortably get into a back pack or if you just want to keep your shirt dry having a cargo rack to carry your stuff is a great solution. Once you have a rack installed there is a whole world of cool pannier bags to carry stuff in AND you can use the Fairdale Skaterack.


What Fairdale is to me (today) August 6, 2013


Taj and Monty photo by Sandy Carson

Fifteen years ago I was a BMX pro riding around Austin with a single minded focus on BMX. I’d spend all day on my bike searching the city for the next street riding spot but hardly even notice I was on a bike, thinking more about the potential of the spots I’d find than enjoying the ride there.  On one ride I found a rad old 1950’s grandma cruiser hanging out of a dumpster. I dug it out and dragged it home unsure of why I’d done it. I was so completely focused on BMX at this point in my life that I was actually embarrassed to be seen riding a non-BMX bike. A few makeshift repairs later I had it rolling as my grocery getter. On my first cruise I had an epiphany; this was FUN! That old cruiser reduced cycling to it’s most simple element… just rolling. There was no desire to push myself on that bike and there was no point trying to see how fast it could go. It wasn’t a work out, it wasn’t a challenge and it wasn’t a means to any end. It was simply rolling around on a bike and that was all it needed to be.


Coaster article @ Valet Mag May 24, 2013

Valet Mag

Click on over to Valet Mag for a feature on our Coaster Bike!

Coaster on Wired May 13, 2013


Wired posted a nice little bike story in time for Bike To Work week. Check out our Coaster getting some kind words!