NEW MODEL: UK Spec Coaster January 21, 2014



Announcing a new bike…sort of. The folks who bring Fairdale to the UK, Triton Imports, asked us for a special edition of our popular Coaster bike which we are calling the UK Spec Coaster. Although this bike will primarily be aimed at the UK market we will also bring in a handful to the USA in spring time. The UK Spec Coaster is essentially the same as the normal Coaster but with a few minor tea drinking inspired changes.


The biggest difference is that the UK Spec Coaster trades the Shimano Coaster brake rear hub for a Odyssey Freewheel equipped hub. The UK Spec Coaster also receives a set of  front and rear dual pivot caliper brakes. Lastly we substituted the Coaster’s meaty 38mm wide tires for some 32mm wide Continental Contact tires. This provides  a bit more room for fender installation for wet weather riding. The UK Spec Coaster will be arriving by order in spring. Have a good one everyone!