A preview of the Goodship January 23, 2014


We have a new bike coming out towards the end of this year called the Goodship. We’re pretty excited about it so we thought we’d share a little preview on what will be our flagship machine. We set out to design a high-end steel road bike with a race-inspired geometry that still retained Fairdale sensibilities. The bike is a mix of some tried and true technologies that have been paired up with some of the most modern manufacturing techniques and resources available. One of the design elements we are excited about is our new Drawnright tubeset. Each size of the Goodship will have a special seamless, Japanese, 4130 chromoly tubeset that is custom drawn and butted to our exact specifications. It’s a unique opportunity to have complete control over the butting, shape and size of each tube. Every Drawnright tubeset is also heat-treated to precise tolerances to further improve their strength and ride quality. The end result is a completely custom, high-quality chromoly tubeset for each size of the frame.

fd3The Goodship prototype is paired to a carbon fiber Enve road fork. We’ve been very pleased with this combo and it’s likely that we will end up using this fork on the production bike. A separate frame and fork set will also be available.

fdd1 The Goodship provides a really great ride. You’ll be able to try one for yourself at your local Fairdale dealer late this year. In the meantime we are going to keep working on perfecting the bike before it goes into full on production.

fdd7 fdd9 fdd11 fdd12 2 fdd15 fdd16