Its a warzone out there February 10, 2012

Somedays riding my bike is quiet and peaceful and refreshing. Other days it feels like I’m riding through a battle field and every single car on the road is trying to kill me. I don’t usually think it’s intentional… it’s usually from cars simply not paying attention. Being on a bike in traffic you are afforded a slightly elevated view into cars and can see what is distracting drivers so much. This is especially true when stuck at a light waiting to turn left. As cars drive past you can see everything going on in cars. I reckon that one in every five cars that passes me holds a driver ignoring the road completely, instead poking their phone.

This got me thinking and so I have prepared some statistics for you based on my experiences around Austin.

1 out of every 2 drivers are on the phone.

1 out of every 5 drivers are texting.

1 out of every 25 drivers has an open beer in their cup holder.

1 out of every 6 drivers will make a right turn through a red light or stop sign faster then would seem safe on a green light.

1 out of 20 cars smells like weed as it drives by. 

1 out of 6 drivers doesn’t use their turn signals while changing lanes.

100% of drivers who don’t use their turn signals annoy me. 

50% more drivers will drive in the bike lane oblivious to the fact that they are not in a auto lane on the Eastside then on the Westside of town.

1 car has passed me with every occupant texting, and not one single person driving. 

Can anyone out there provide me with some more useful stats?