Jock Strap Inspector December 28, 2011

As often happens at Fairdale today’s morning began with one of my co-workers researching the origins of the jock strap. According to the “Bike” Athletic company which has sold over 300 million jock straps the athletic supporter was invented  by them 1874. The purpose was so that “bicycle jockeys” could endure the bone-shaking ball-breaking abuse from riding on cobblestone streets. Bike’s enlightening history is here.

Prior to the invention of the jock strap there was a lot of numbness “down there” and riders would often have to resort to visual inspection while riding to make sure things were properly “organized”. Not at all unlike BMX’s JSIF trick (ie: Jock Strap Inspector Flip).

If you have too much dignity to do it yourself but are interested in having your jock strap inspected these guys are apparently licensed and always waiting around in a locker room to help you. Now you know why “Bike” makes gear for sports with locker rooms.

Of course, jock straps are not for everyone.

So next time you are getting ready for a bicycle ride don’t feel bad about being a “jock”.