Skaterack mania! August 23, 2011

Our Skaterack has been getting loaded up with good press.

It all started thanks to a mention over at the Prolly is Not Probably blog.

Then Wired picked it up and called it “ingenous”! Skaterack on WIRED

Then Gizmodo took it. Skaterack in Gizmodo

Whats really cool is that all these different writes ups are unique… like they actually took the time to write their own version of the stories rather then just copying text from the previous link. They are all very positive and nice about it too. I’m really stoked!

Of course, the darn things still not even out yet. I just got confirmation they will finally be shipping to me this week. Which means shops should have them in a few more weeks.

A few more links on the rack… this one in German at Hightech and Blechk!’s version.

Here it is again on Christian Media Cross presented by libaw

And Spanish language I heart BV (

And Modern-Techie

And Boojjy

And a nice write up with extra pictures at®

And even a Danish language version at PCTV