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Big Bicycle Rides May 22, 2012

I’ve got a few big rides coming up so I started modifying my Weekender prototype bike to see how flexible a platform it is.


Fairdale Roger bike!! April 9, 2012

Prolly Is Not Probably has an exclusive preview of our new bike model. It’s a collaboration with Roger Skateboards and features graphics and matching skateboard by Roger. This bike is extremely limited edition with only 50 in the entire world. Looking for a late May release date.

See much more of the bike over on Prolly Is Not Probably.

Rainy day… peeing on stuff December 19, 2011

Just had a little meeting across town and had to clip on my fenders for some rain riding. On my way home a car ran a stop sign and almost got me. I instinctively death gripped both brake levers when I saw what was about to happen. Before the brakes had even engaged it flashed through my mind that it was raining and my brakes weren’t going to work. Luckily, as fast as I thought that they did start working. So stoked on disc brakes in the rain! Those things stopped so well! Almost never rains here in Austin so I don’t really get to see that other benefit of disc brakes. Fairdale Weekender above coming early next year.

The other good thing to do with rainy days is make mischief with photoshop! Made this Fairdale ad as a joke on Prolly is Not Probably. Like as if we had the ad space above him this is what our ad would look like.  We did actually send in our first ad to Urban Velo and so you can check us out in print in january. Not sure if it will be so urine focused.

Skaterack holds 3 November 21, 2011

Thanks to a tip from Prolly is Not Probably saw this cool little FOAD FIXED post about using a Fairdale Skaterack to carry 3 boards!

Nice going guys… stoked to see this.

New not-yet-named Bike October 13, 2011

Prolly is Not Probably has an exclusive little sneak peak up of our new 1×10 bike. Check out this post to learn more about it.

I’ve been riding the bike around over the last couple days and I am soooo stoked on it. Came out awesome and is great fun to ride. We got a few little tweaks to make on some little things (cable routing mostly) and we should be able to get this thing into production for  release early next year.