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Drive to Michigan September 23, 2011

Drove up to Michigan for some family stuff. Took a few photos on the way. I love the map above is put out by the state. My family is a bit south of the “Thumb Area”.

Saw Empire making some deliveries dangerously close to Albe’s territory. Turf war?

Truck stop t-shirts are some of my favorite things. I love the new logo rip-off for god stuff. I might have to do the top 50 logos stolen for jesus.

At the I-69 Michigan Welcome center there is Vernors in the vending machines and sweet transitioned launches to play on.

T-shirts make things official April 7, 2010

I really wanted to print some t-shirts for the launch of my new endeavor. What better way to prove you really like the only other two posts of this blog then by buying a t-shirt to support it?

I’ve been working hard on some designs, but I’m sorry they’re not quite done yet. I had the idea that I would create shirts specific to different regions of the country. That way all of your supporters wouldn’t have to wear the same exact shirt. I’m not sure that having a shirt made for each of the 50 states plus Puerto Rico in every size from youth small to XXL was a good idea, but I figure it’ll be better to be safe then sorry. Here’s a little taste for you though…