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Full Factory Sale week (for bike shops) November 19, 2015

ff sale

This one is for bike shop buyers but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t point this out to your favorite bike shop. Our USA distributor (and our own in-house distro) is having a sale this week. Bike shops can stock up on Fairdale and other  Full Factory goods with a great deal. Hit up Full Factory for all the details. 512-382-9973

Our Distro has a new website December 15, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.09.59 PM


In the USA Fairdale is sold to bike shops (mostly) by Full Factory Distribution. Full Factory is our own distro and they also sell Sunday, Odyssey and G-sport. They have totally revamped the catalog section making it much easier for bike shops to purchase our products. Only bike shops can buy from Full Factory, but if there is a shop you wish carried Fairdale feel free to point them this way! Check out Full Factory here: Full Factory Distribution

BTI, QBP and J&B Importers also sell some of our products (like Skateracks, some frames, grips, ect).

The rest of the world can buy our bikes from our international partners here.


Fairdale at QBP’s Frostbike February 27, 2014


Fairdale was just up at QBP’s Frostbike show (a show for bike shops folks to see the new products). Check out the above photo and more of the fun in an awesome photo gallery over at Prolly Is Not Probably’s blog. We showed off this Taj frame and fork built up with a bunch of great Odyssey parts. QBP is now carrying the Taj frame + fork as well as our Skaterack. Actually so is BTI! Complete bikes (and our full range of products) will continue to be available to bike shops through Full Factory.

Bike Check: Weekender training/ work horse build February 10, 2014

Fairdale Road Setup-13

Coming to us from our own Full Factory sales manager, Michael Moore’s own Weekender build.


A little movie magic: Behind the scenes February 6, 2014

bobbyPToday we got this rad pic of Full Factory Distribution’s own Bobby Parker laying down a nice patch on a Fairdale Coaster. Just how exactly did he get this photo you ask? Well, at the risk of spoiling some movie magic we have provided a detailed diagram showing exactly how the video was taken (as this photo is a screen shot of video). While we brought it up, click on over to Full Factory for a kick ass Fairdale sale (if you are a bike shop).

Click on for the spoiler…


Fairdale around the world January 31, 2014

everypedalFairdale’s world wide distribution has grown!! Check out all the countries we are now available in….


Australia: Triple Six Distributions
Canada: Ryder Distribution
Denmark: Sunshine Distribution
Finland: Sunshine Distribution
Germany: Sport Import
Japan: Motocross International
Mexico: Xtreme Bikes
New Zealand: Triple Six Distributions
Russia: Action Distri
Singapore: Tiong Hin
Sweden: Sunshine Distribution
UK: Triton Imports
USA: Full Factory Distro


Fairdale Bike Stand in Bicycle Sport Shop Austin, TX April 4, 2012

Display all complete finally and on the floor at BSS.


Hey Bike shops… Skaterack at QBP January 3, 2012

Our wonderful little Skaterack  just got a little easier to get. QBP the world’s largest seller of bicycle parts to bike shops just added it to their inventory. Just search out Fairdale. If you’re just a person (and not a whole bike shop) this means that pretty much any bike shop you might walk into can order you a Skaterack at a moments notice.