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News for Bike Shops: Flyer Update August 14, 2013



Our Flyer and Flyer Step-through bikes have done well for us. These simple, bare bones and fun bikes seem to strike a nerve with people looking for a bike to enjoy a cruise on… happy-riding-no-complications. This model is a favorite for bike shops too because it has minimal things that could go wrong, simple sizing and a fair price point. We sold out of our first round of bikes and re-ordered a new batch. We took that opportunity make a few updates to the Flyers.


The Flyer reviewed on Yay Bikes! August 15, 2012

The Flyer got a review over on the Yay Bike! blog. Check out a innocent 3rd party review of the Flyer Step-through here.

Coaster, Weekender, and Flyer videos up! August 9, 2012

Want to learn more about our bikes? We just uploaded some casually informative videos explaining them.

You can find the videos with each bike in our catalog or…. go ahead and nerd out and watch them below…



Flyer and Flyer Step-through

Parser Black and Parser Express videos will be up in a couple days.