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Fairdale Team News: Sandy Carson Just Do It project April 16, 2012

Sandy has a little write up over on Feature about his on going cat trapping series.

I love to tease Sandy about being a crazy cat person but in reality he’s just a nice guy who wants to save kitties from a life on the streets.

Read more about what he’s up to (and marvel at some telling photos) here.

Fairdale’s Tour of Australia January 11, 2012

So let’s see… to be fair Sandy Carson’s bicycle tour of Australia/ New Zealand was before he was actually on the Fairdale team and he’s not actually on a Fairdale. Still, his bike does have a Fairdale sticker on it and he had a great adventure we want to show you. Plus, yes, he is almost officially on the Fairdale team that we are starting of awesome people who ride bikes. Once he signs his contract we’ll give you a good bunch of info on BMX legend/ Austin’s favorite photographer/ veggie powered cyclist Sandy Carson.

Check out Sandy’s trip through his photos and words below. Part 2 which covers his New Zealand leg will be here sometime next week- Taj