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Complex’s Top 25 BMX Riders Right Now November 10, 2011

I wrote a little article over at Complex. I’m sure it will stir up some opinions and it was very difficult to try and come up with a list like that. There is some amazing riding videos in there for sure! The riding level in BMX has come sooo far! The 25 Best BMX Riders Right Now


Turbo powered November 4, 2011

Designing and spec-ing all the parts on a bike can be a lot of fun. It’s also a constant trade off where you battle with cost vs. quality. You want to use the best quality parts available, but you don’t want to design a bike that is too expensive.


Fun event coming up from LOOP October 31, 2011

The Project Loop is a pretty amazing group that among other things is teaching kids from the local high school how to build a pump track. If only dirt jump building had been an option on my high school curriculum!

They also helped us out at the Texas Toast Jam with a lot of helpful volunteer work AND are putting together a box jump and mini ramp for the Fun Fun Fun Fest coming up this weekend. Everyone here in the office is pretty excited to do some box jumping right next to the Slayer stage.

Anyway, all this good stuff and there’s even more. Coming up in a couple weeks they are going to throw a benefit for the disastrous Bastrop fires just outside of Austin. So come out to the event for some good music, BBQ and see if high school kids really can build dirt jumps.

Perry Doom flashback October 31, 2011

Perry Mervar – AFA Austin, TX 1989 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

I don’t feel like I get to see enough Perry Dooms these days (jumping from back pegs to grip ride). It would be even more impressive with 10 inch tall bars. Its a great run from back in the day, but check 02:19 especially.

Fairdale’s new dealer in the UK. Sibot BMX October 28, 2011

Sibot BMX in the UK just stocked up on some Fairdales. Pretty stoked to see this stuff getting out worldwide.

I highly recommend checking out this cool shop: Sibot BMX . Thanks for supporting us too!

Afro Pat Fairdale Art October 27, 2011

I got sent some really cool Fairdale art from my buddy and legendary BMX innovator Afro Pat. Pretty stoked!

Bonus: I did a Google image search for Pat Schreader to find a picture of him and it auto corrected my search to Fat Shredder. Hmmmmm….

Fairdale on Bicycle Retailer October 26, 2011

Fairdale got a little write up over at Bicycle Retailer and we appreciate it very much! Thanks guys.  I want to know why I have to get up so early for work if I’m retired.

Check out the story here.

JC and how bikes are made (now with working link) October 24, 2011

Jim Cielencki long time BMX pro and head of Sunday Bikes (and a Fairdale rider by the way) has an interview over on ESPN about making bike frames overseas. He’s my office mate here at OTX Design (which house’s the engineering studio for Sunday Bikes, Odyssey, and of course Fairdale). I found it really informative even though I share an office with him! On my recent trip to Taiwan I was blown away by how incredibly high tech the manufacturing facilities were. It was sort of bike building heaven where it seemed like whole cities were devoted to creating bikes. …. ah… but… I am from near Detroit and with a family in the auto industry I fully understand the desire to keep manufacturing in the states. Anyway, JC’s interview has some really interesting points on building bikes and its cool to hear about all the technology that goes into a really high end BMX. Its tech we can eventually apply to Fairdale too so its good to know.

Check the story here.

NOTE: I fixed the above link so it actually goes to ESPN now… instead of back to this same post… oops.

Death Race 5 October 24, 2011

KC Badger and the Daggers are putting on Death Race 5 in Tempe, AZ. Fairdale is adding to the loot pile for the winners.  Should be a good one!

Reinventing the Wheel October 19, 2011

I was looking around today for cool ideas and found a few that really deserved to be brought together. We could just be happy riding around on a plain old normal bike or we could invent something totally sweet!

F-1 bikes are so ready for a comeback. Can Fairdale make them please please! Imagine Crabon Fiber® fairing paired with wheel discs! It could be amazing.

I actually witnessed one of the few F-1 races at a NBL national BMX race at Waterford Oaks, MI back in the 1900’s. I wanna’ say Tinker Jaurez won just prior to taking over mountain biking. It was so weird. People racing around haybales in a parking lot with oval sprockets.

This guys got Penny Farthing shoes! An obvious natural progression from penny loafers I guess.

Testing samples in Sydney & China 2009 from Chariot Skates on Vimeo.

Off Road roller skates skis? I actually used to work at a cross country ski rental place when I was like 13. I remember using something sort of like this that was some early version of a summer time cross country ski. Kind of fun and the advertising media show clear babe getting potential.

Did I ever tell you about the time I was at a dirt jumping comp in Australia and there were off road roller bladers hired to jump the jumps? It was carnage!!!

Snakeboards! Shimy, shimy and shimy for speed!

Get razor-scootin!

I know, I know.. razor scooter killers!

I guess this is kind of like riding a rolling stool around?

I’m kind of into surfing on a remote control car. Seems like a pretty cool thing to do.