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Empire Mural Day 6 February 11, 2012

Things are starting to come into focus over at Empire. Got a good solid day of detail work at least, but making headway….


Empire Mural Day 5 February 9, 2012

You can sort of see the shadows starting to take shape today. I feel like I need to spend a whole day up there to really knock this out.


Empire Mural Day 4 February 7, 2012

Well, to be honest I didn’t accomplish a whole lot on the Empire mural today… or at least it doesn’t really look any different. So here instead is a picture of Monty getting ready to head home from last night.


Empire Mural Day 3 February 4, 2012

Today I showed up to empire and just started drawing on the wall. Didn’t really have too much of a plan but knew I needed to fit 19 people on there (Empire team and Empire family).


Empire Mural Day 2 February 3, 2012

Spent a little bit of time up at Empire and got to this point on day 2.

I guess if we take my sketch a little further its heading for something like this…


Empire Mural February 3, 2012

Over the next few days (or maybe weeks) I’m going to be spending some spare time up at Empire BMX working on a mural over the upstairs mini ramp. Should be lots of fun. Today was my first day and the results are pretty boring.


Internet Vacation January 19, 2012

Thanks to the internet being on vacation yesterday I spent some time doodling and trying to get my creative juices flowing. Fairdale needs some new t-shirt designs and I’m trying to get something going.


Sandy Carson is on the team January 16, 2012

Long time friend and all around great guy Sandy Carson is now a part of Fairdale’s team. It’s true that we don’t really have a team but starting right now we are going to begin putting together a small group of awesome folks who like to ride bikes.


Fairdale’s Weekender bike on ESPN November 22, 2011

We better hurry up and put this bike out right? Geared Fairdale we are calling the “Weekender” is coming in early 2012!

ESPN’s write up here.

Dean’s eye view November 14, 2011

Nuno spotted this on Instagram and sent it over to me. How he caught the Fairdale logo on here is beyond me.

Dean Hearne self shot photo out on a cruise.

Nina B sent over a picture of a Skaterack she set up for Stoney. Would have been entertaining to watch her try to buy this since her jaw is still wired shut after he crash. Soup days!