Coming Soon Bikes July 16, 2014

When we are ready to show new bikes to bike shops we send out something like above. It’s just a preview of what is coming and a way for a bike shop to predict which models they will order from us. We usually include some plea for them to keep the new bikes secret and not share the images. I’m not really sure what we’re so worried about… I think we worry that no one will buy the “older” bikes if they see the new ones. Personally I think it’s more likely to drum up some excitement for the brand and hopefully get folks interested in trying our bikes. So, this year we are letting you all see the very same preview we sent to bike shops. Keep in mind these bikes won’t be out until November. Also, there’s no specs or geo listings in this preview… that will all come later once I get it all organized and fit for print (in our consumer catalog).

So check out the COMING SOON bikes!