Built-in Headset detail December 2, 2011

I’ve mentioned the built-in headset race on our Fairdale Parser forks once before. On a recent trip by a bike shop I saw they had built up one of our frame kits and tried to force the headset race on to the forks. Essentially built-in races are pretty standard in the BMX world, but not so much in the road world. I guess we caught the shop off guard with how convenient this little feature is. This tiny bit of machining allows us to simplify bike assembly more then most people are used to.



The bearing just drops on to the fork. No need for a press of any kind. In fact, you can easily assemble your headset with just your hands. What’s more, at least on steel bikes like ours, integrated headsets like this are supremely strong and durable. Proven in the BMX world for years now integrated headsets are light, durable and inexpensive.


You’ll appreciate this little detail when you assemble your frame and fork kit.