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Upgrade your old Weekender with more gear range January 27, 2016


The 2016 Weekender Drop comes stock with a 11- 40t rear cassette. With 10 different gears ranging from a-bombing-down-a-hill-high-speed 11t to the granny-gear-hill-climbing 40t you can ride anything that comes your way. Older Weekenders have an 11-36t rear cassette. If you want a bigger range of gears you can follow the traditional path and add a front derailleur and another sprocket up front. Another option is to take advantage of all the 1x upgrades available in the mountain bike world. Leif Valin upgraded Sandy Carson’s Weekender with a OneUp 42t rear cassette kit and a Wolf Tooth narrow/wide front sprocket.

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Flashback: May 2012 Roger bike September 27, 2015

rog1 rog2Remembering that Roger Skateboards collaboration bike… man that was cool. Graphics by Michael Sieben, video bike Mike Aho, skating by Max Taylor and acting by Tim Kerr… holy crap! How lucky are we to have been part of that! Check the rad video…

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Push TO Pedal Documentary December 15, 2014

I found this to be really inspiring. One of those “get out there and do something kind of videos”. Also, check out our Skaterack in action!

Volcom Wild In the Parks June 25, 2014

volcombWe gave away  a Coaster set up with a skaterack to the winner of the “Hipster” hip competition at the Denver stop of Volcom Wild In the Parks event a couple weeks ago. The winner must now grow a mustache, wear decorative scarves and go everywhere with a messenger bag cinched up extra tight. Volcom does a really great job with this fun and free skate event. Top 15 dudes get invited to a $15,000 purse event at Volcom’s private skatepark later this year! Congrats to Devin for winning the bike and cheers to Volcom for having us be a part of things.



Skaterack – How To Install October 3, 2013

This is just a quick “How To Install” our Fairdale Skaterack.

Nice Fairdale Cargo Rack man! September 5, 2013


Racks are an awesome addition to a bike. If you`ll be hauling more weight than you could comfortably get into a back pack or if you just want to keep your shirt dry having a cargo rack to carry your stuff is a great solution. Once you have a rack installed there is a whole world of cool pannier bags to carry stuff in AND you can use the Fairdale Skaterack.

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Fairdale x Roger May 23, 2012

We’re really pleased to “officially” announce the Fairdale Roger bike. This collector’s edition is only available in super limited quantities.

This bike is special to us because we got to build it with our buddies at Roger Skateboards. This special package comes complete with a skateboard. One of our most favorite artists Roger’s Michael Sieben did all the graphics for both the bike and matching board.

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Hey Bike shops… Skaterack at QBP January 3, 2012

Our wonderful little Skaterack  just got a little easier to get. QBP the world’s largest seller of bicycle parts to bike shops just added it to their inventory. Just search out Fairdale. If you’re just a person (and not a whole bike shop) this means that pretty much any bike shop you might walk into can order you a Skaterack at a moments notice.

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Fairdale’s Weekender bike on ESPN November 22, 2011

We better hurry up and put this bike out right? Geared Fairdale we are calling the “Weekender” is coming in early 2012!

ESPN’s write up here.

Skaterack holds 3 November 21, 2011

Thanks to a tip from Prolly is Not Probably saw this cool little FOAD FIXED post about using a Fairdale Skaterack to carry 3 boards!

Nice going guys… stoked to see this.

Pannier Skaterack – Video how to November 2, 2011


CH4D Treanor helped us out with a little promo for the Skaterack.  Gives a little insight into our intense R+D program too.


Sweet new idea for coating bikes (re-up) October 20, 2011

With the outstanding success of our new Dograck for animal lovers we thought it might be appropriate to repost our concept bikes for animal skin lovers. There are other ways to carry animal carcass’s on a bike you know.

Feb 16, 2011

Thanks to Bike Snob I learned about this rather startling $27,000 fixed gear bike.

This bike is completely covered in hand stitched “water buffalo leather”. Although water buffalo leather is undeniably classy I was thinking maybe we could accomplish some of the same type of thing for Fairdale on a slightly lower costs basis. We’re always trying to bring you the latest and greatest in bicycle technology, but we believe it should be affordable.

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Fairdale Dograck (or Catrack) October 19, 2011

****** Update: REALLY!! Far too many people are leaving annoyed comments. C’mon… It’s a joke!!!! It’s photoshop (and purposely bad photoshop!! I mean, a 130lb lab on a saddle bag?) No dog was ever even lifted off the ground. We love dogs here. Always have, our office is full of them. We understand our photo is out in the wild confusing people we promise it was all done in good fun and none of our pets were ever even a little bit annoyed by the photo shoot (let alone actually installed on to bicycles). There’s no way that this would work in the real world of course! 




There’s always been a battle between man’s two best friends… his bike and his dog. And until now there has been no perfect solution for attaching a dog to a bicycle.

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Skaterack mania! August 23, 2011

Our Skaterack has been getting loaded up with good press.

It all started thanks to a mention over at the Prolly is Not Probably blog.

Then Wired picked it up and called it “ingenous”! Skaterack on WIRED

Then Gizmodo took it. Skaterack in Gizmodo

Whats really cool is that all these different writes ups are unique… like they actually took the time to write their own version of the stories rather then just copying text from the previous link. They are all very positive and nice about it too. I’m really stoked!

Of course, the darn things still not even out yet. I just got confirmation they will finally be shipping to me this week. Which means shops should have them in a few more weeks.

A few more links on the rack… this one in German at Hightech and Blechk!

DoobyBrain.com’s version.

Here it is again on Christian Media Cross presented by libaw

And Spanish language I heart BV (buenavibragroup.com)

And Modern-Techie

And Boojjy

And a nice write up with extra pictures at CoolThings.com®

And even a Danish language version at PCTV

Skaterack update May 14, 2011

Hey, Yes we got a new website going. Simple, informative right?

Got some news on the Fairdale Bikes Skaterack. It will be arriving sometime toward the end of May/ early June. Pretty stoked on the thing and its a really simple easy way to carry a skateboard around with you on your bike.

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