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Parser Express Review over at Road.cc • Taj • August 12, 2013 •

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 3.54.57 PM


Our flagship Parser Express got a review over on Road.cc . We’re always grateful when folks take time to check out our bikes so thanks guys!

We love the Express… such a tough bike with nothing you’re going to wear out after a few rides. Check out the full story here: http://road.cc/content/review/87286-fairdale-parser-express


Weekender on Road.CC • Taj • May 28, 2013 •


If you are interested in a Weekender here a pretty thorough review over on Road.CC.

Thanks much guys!

Coaster article @ Valet Mag • Francis • May 24, 2013 •

Valet Mag

Click on over to Valet Mag for a feature on our Coaster Bike!

Coaster on Wired • Taj • May 13, 2013 •


Wired posted a nice little bike story in time for Bike To Work week. Check out our Coaster getting some kind words!




Taj interview on Rapha • Taj • February 11, 2013 •



Taj got a little interview over on the Rapha website about Fairdale. Check it out here: http://www.rapha.cc/taj-mihelich

Thanks to George Marshall of the Albion for the photo.

Flyer Review in Bicycle Times • Taj • February 6, 2013 •



The new Bicycle Times magazine  has a review of the Fairdale Flyer. We’re really honored by their words and feel like they captured the intent of the Flyer perfectly. “I fell in love with the bike on the first pedal stroke,” and, “…the bike put a smile on my face every time I mounted it.” Aside from all the obvious stroking and mounting jokes we truly appreciate the love from BT. Check out the full review below and pick up an issue too!

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Sandy Carson Interview • Taj • January 28, 2013 •



Team rider Sandy Carson scored a really great interview over at the Full Frame Collective. Check it out!

Get a FREE Fairdale (with a Fiat) • Taj • October 2, 2012 •

During the month of October you can get a free Fairdale from Bicycle Sport Shop  if you buy a Fiat from Fiat of Austin. How sweet is that?

Fairdale Weekender Review: Urban Velo • Taj • October 2, 2012 •

One of our favorite cycling mags Urban Velo just did a nice review on our Weekender bike. It’s a good and thorough review if we do say so ourselves. Thinking about a Weekender? This is for you. And thanks Urban Velo!

New issue of Paved Magazine and Seattle to San Francisco • Taj • September 4, 2012 •

Good news today, we got a copy of the new Paved Magazine with a 14 page article about our trip from Seattle to San Francisco.

Sandy Carson fills the issue with his best nice big glossy photos and your’s truly fills the article with run on sentences (which were thankfully edited to a nice readable length by Paved’s editor and amazing writer Joe Parkin).

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The Flyer reviewed on Yay Bikes! • Taj • August 15, 2012 •

The Flyer got a review over on the Yay Bike! blog. Check out a innocent 3rd party review of the Flyer Step-through here.

Fairdale Disposed on Defgrip • Taj • July 25, 2012 •

We landed a Disposed gallery over on Defgrip from our recent Seattle to San Francisco trip. Check it out here!

ESPN talks Fairdale • Taj • May 24, 2012 •

ESPN wrote a really nice piece about Fairdale and me that I’m very honored by. I guess it sort of chronicles my riding career and leads into the creation of Fairdale. Thanks guys -Taj

“Over 25 years ago, a BMXer by the name of Taj Mihelich started a path through BMX that few had ever ventured to explore. A racer in his early years, Mihelich quickly discovered dirt jumping and proceeded to combine his abilities to boost and stretch jump variations with his roots as a racer. By his teens, Mihelich was sponsored by the local BMX shop and traveling to regional contests in the Midwest. Still clutching to his race setup, Mihelich stood out for more than his riding style…”  

Read the full story and check out Sandy Carson’s photo gallery shoot of the Roger video here: Fairdale and Roger Create New Bike


How To Fix A Flat Tire from Complex • Taj • November 16, 2011 •

I wrote a article for Complex on how to fix a flat on your bicycle. Hopefully it will be educational for some people.

Check it out here: Complex How To FIx A Flat.

Fairdale on Bicycle Retailer • Taj • October 26, 2011 •

Fairdale got a little write up over at Bicycle Retailer and we appreciate it very much! Thanks guys.  I want to know why I have to get up so early for work if I’m retired.

Check out the story here.

A little Fairdale on ESPN • Taj • December 22, 2010 •

That’s right, I’m totally blogging about getting blogged about.

ESPN interview here. Thanks Mr Tunney.