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Flyer Tandem Project April 12, 2013


When I think of riding a tandem I think of laughing out loud at how goofy it feels. Whether it’s that spooky out of control feeling of being on the back seat with handlebars that don’t steer, or the silly “oh shit” feeling you have trying to steer and control a tandem from the front it is always a riot. It got me thinking that Fairdale should have a tandem… at least one for us to play on here at the office. A couple of Flyer bikes were in front of me and I realized could probably plug them together pretty easily.


New product of the day April 9, 2010

Tandems are amazing bicycles. All the efficiency and zero ecological footprint of a normal bicycle, but multiplied by two for two riders. The only downside is that tandems are not fit for single person use. It may be a substantial investment on your part to purchase a tandem so we have developed a way to keep your bicycle functional during those unfortunate times when you do not have a second rider.

Lonely Tandem Handlebars

Introducing Lonely Tandem Handlebars. The perfect solution for divorcee’s, widowers, or just any single person who loves to ride a tandem.

This well engineered bar features a zero degree up sweep design with a 90 degree back sweep. Very comfortable for even long solo tandem rides.