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Custom painted Fairdales to match a slidey car. June 23, 2014


Ryan Tuerck got himself a few custom pit bikes thanks to Sunday Bikes and Fairdale. The bikes are designed to match his sliding car and came out pretty darned cool! We always love seeing custom bikes. Check out some more photos below and check Ryan’s amazing driving out too.  

How to draw like Fairdale August 20, 2013


To break up my day at Fairdale Bikes I often spend some time doodling. Drawing something ridiculous is a great way to drum up a smile and save my soul from the torture of working in spreadsheets. Folks often ask me what process I use for colorizing/ digitizing drawings so I put together this little How To. Check it out and have some fun with it.


‘Twas the Shred Before Christmas December 15, 2011

If you happen to be near Buffalo NY on Dec 21 Jim Cielencki is throwing the “Shred Before Christmas” jam at X-Wheels skatepark. Hit up Sunday Bikes for more info.

JC and how bikes are made (now with working link) October 24, 2011

Jim Cielencki long time BMX pro and head of Sunday Bikes (and a Fairdale rider by the way) has an interview over on ESPN about making bike frames overseas. He’s my office mate here at OTX Design (which house’s the engineering studio for Sunday Bikes, Odyssey, and of course Fairdale). I found it really informative even though I share an office with him! On my recent trip to Taiwan I was blown away by how incredibly high tech the manufacturing facilities were. It was sort of bike building heaven where it seemed like whole cities were devoted to creating bikes. …. ah… but… I am from near Detroit and with a family in the auto industry I fully understand the desire to keep manufacturing in the states. Anyway, JC’s interview has some really interesting points on building bikes and its cool to hear about all the technology that goes into a really high end BMX. Its tech we can eventually apply to Fairdale too so its good to know.

Check the story here.

NOTE: I fixed the above link so it actually goes to ESPN now… instead of back to this same post… oops.

Fairdale signature glasses November 15, 2010

With all the cool companies like Sunday and Cult coming out with Oakley sunglasses collaborations we over at Fairdale were feeling a little left out. Then, on a recent flight up to Rays MTB I got an idea.

It had to be the most flatulent flight I have ever been on. I felt like I could almost see the choking green cloud of farts that was exploding from everyone around me. It was then that I set to work developing the technology to expose those who would take advantage of the airplane’s loud engine noise to let their bowels loose.

Introducing Fairdale In-fart-red imaging technology sunglasses.

Now you will truly know who “dealt-it”.