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Today is stuff I found day August 24, 2010

I went shopping at the Asian market up in north Austin over the weekend. I really like the supermarket… one of the least organized shopping experiences you could ever have. Seems like things are just sort of thrown on to various shelves with no thought for any kind of order or sense. For instance, right above the eggs I found a package of this:

I bought it, but there’s no way I am eating that. Maybe if you end up at my house and are really drunk I will try to get you to eat it. The whole idea of this product just sounds foul!

The best part is the back of the package. I love the little chics praying for your carnivorous soul.

Someone sent me this picture from the New York Daily Times and I thought it was really cool. It came from this website. I like to pretend that this guy was an asshole driver who hates cyclists and woke up to his worst nightmare; an army of bikes riding all over and around his house so he could never leave.

As long as I am crossing the line and borrowing content from other websites I might as well go all out right? I found this on the Crupi site. I really think this is awesome! BMX racing at its best! Some kind of weird clipped in style tuck flying by blurred lights totally at the top of the Speed Chain! I wanna’ be at the top of the speed chain.

Here’s my best attempt at climbing the speed chain pyramid from the internet. Look at that pan blur! I like to imagine I’m going like a million miles and hour!!! This is from several years ago at a Backyard Jam where they had a long jump contest. I remember that things seemed to be going well as the distance advanced with each jump… I would pedal as fast as I could and smoothly reach the landing. Well,  that is until the distance finally got too big and I cased so hard that nails literally blew out of the landing…  and I almost threw up.

I also got a friendly little interview in the latest Slammed magazine. Nice to see some independent BMX media out on paper.

Speaking of paper…

There are still a very few Fairdale zine’s available and hats. Please buy one so I can make a new one! 68 pages of Fairdale art and doodles and R-word-edness. Buy it on the Odyssey store here. I think that Empire has a few of them too, but as I can not find them in the store you will have to ask them.

To tell you the truth I don’t really understand Twitter still, but there is a Fairdale twitter if you are into that kind of thing. Also, we have a lonely, generally neglected and poorly trafficked Fairdale facebook page too.