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Flashback: May 2012 Roger bike September 27, 2015

rog1 rog2Remembering that Roger Skateboards collaboration bike… man that was cool. Graphics by Michael Sieben, video bike Mike Aho, skating by Max Taylor and acting by Tim Kerr… holy crap! How lucky are we to have been part of that! Check the rad video…


Check out some sweet new bikes! June 7, 2012

Take a look at our new bikes. Our full line will be in stock by the end of the month!


ESPN talks Fairdale May 24, 2012

ESPN wrote a really nice piece about Fairdale and me that I’m very honored by. I guess it sort of chronicles my riding career and leads into the creation of Fairdale. Thanks guys -Taj

“Over 25 years ago, a BMXer by the name of Taj Mihelich started a path through BMX that few had ever ventured to explore. A racer in his early years, Mihelich quickly discovered dirt jumping and proceeded to combine his abilities to boost and stretch jump variations with his roots as a racer. By his teens, Mihelich was sponsored by the local BMX shop and traveling to regional contests in the Midwest. Still clutching to his race setup, Mihelich stood out for more than his riding style…”  

Read the full story and check out Sandy Carson’s photo gallery shoot of the Roger video here: Fairdale and Roger Create New Bike


Fairdale x Roger / Coaster May 23, 2012

We’re really pleased to “officially” announce the Fairdale Roger bike. This collector’s edition is only available in super limited quantities.

This bike is special to us because we got to build it with our buddies at Roger Skateboards. This special package comes complete with a skateboard. One of our most favorite artists Roger’s Michael Sieben did all the graphics for both the bike and matching board.


Fairdale Roger bike!! April 9, 2012

Prolly Is Not Probably has an exclusive preview of our new bike model. It’s a collaboration with Roger Skateboards and features graphics and matching skateboard by Roger. This bike is extremely limited edition with only 50 in the entire world. Looking for a late May release date.

See much more of the bike over on Prolly Is Not Probably.

Secrets… secrets… secrets… March 27, 2012

Well, this photo is from a secret project and you haven’t heard about it yet, but it’s on Vice so go nuts and pretend you aren’t reading about it… Michael Sieben’s Kill The Engine. … and don’t tell anyone.