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Packaging design April 7, 2010

One of the things I’ve been doing at my new job is helping design packaging for products.  I never went to school for any type of packaging design, industrial design or engineering but for some reason the guys here at Odyssey have decided that they trust me to devise a way to safely transport the fruits of all their hard work around the world to a store near you. They also of course want the packaging to stand out and help sell the product. Oh yeah, and they would prefer to only use recyclable cardboard.

Mr. Clampy

Considering that Odyssey’s seat clamp is named the Mr.Clampy, this guy was a pretty obvious idea for a way to package a seat clamp.

This was my attempt at a countertop seat clamp dispenser. I’m not sure if bike shops really need this kind of thing, but i figured if they did, this pierced up dude would totally do the trick.

Counter top small parts display

People who steal things would really appreciate the ease of being able to pocket lots of small parts from this counter top small part display.

Ok, back to some hardcore actual product packaging (as we seem to have followed a tangent into the world of displays) this elephant brake lever packaging would be a sure hit with that Ong-Bak guy who really digs elephants.

This is my idea for some new seat packaging. I suspect the tree huggers would be all over us for making the packaging so much bigger then it needs to be, but you have to think about how if this was hanging on the wall at a bike shop it would totally block out all of our competitors.

On occasion I am convinced to do some freelance work. Like for this Fly Ruben grip that has turned into a toy for Roscoe. This current grip is 250% longer then a normal grip and designed so you can cut it to whatever length you prefer. But what if (as a designer you gotta always be thinking) you wanted to make a grip several hundred feet long?