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Reinventing the Wheel October 19, 2011

I was looking around today for cool ideas and found a few that really deserved to be brought together. We could just be happy riding around on a plain old normal bike or we could invent something totally sweet!

F-1 bikes are so ready for a comeback. Can Fairdale make them please please! Imagine Crabon Fiber® fairing paired with wheel discs! It could be amazing.

I actually witnessed one of the few F-1 races at a NBL national BMX race at Waterford Oaks, MI back in the 1900’s. I wanna’ say Tinker Jaurez won just prior to taking over mountain biking. It was so weird. People racing around haybales in a parking lot with oval sprockets.

This guys got Penny Farthing shoes! An obvious natural progression from penny loafers I guess.

Testing samples in Sydney & China 2009 from Chariot Skates on Vimeo.

Off Road roller skates skis? I actually used to work at a cross country ski rental place when I was like 13. I remember using something sort of like this that was some early version of a summer time cross country ski. Kind of fun and the advertising media show clear babe getting potential.

Did I ever tell you about the time I was at a dirt jumping comp in Australia and there were off road roller bladers hired to jump the jumps? It was carnage!!!

Snakeboards! Shimy, shimy and shimy for speed!

Get razor-scootin!

I know, I know.. razor scooter killers!

I guess this is kind of like riding a rolling stool around?

I’m kind of into surfing on a remote control car. Seems like a pretty cool thing to do.