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Fairdale on TV websites and Skateboard art October 14, 2010

We got a little mention over on ESPN and over on Fuel TV. Thanks guys! Very nice of you.

Fairdale on ESPN story and on Fuel.

Also the art I did for the No Comply skateshop skateboard finally arrived printed on some skateboards.

Pretty stoked to have a new board so big thanks to the guys over at No Comply too. They also let me do some measuring on a bunch of different style boards so we could get some final dimensions for our skateboard rack. Got everything finalized now and so hopefully we’ll have a final prototype made soon (and then they will be available).

Fairdale Skateboards? July 13, 2010

Just kidding about that title, but I did win a skateboard design contest over the weekend for the No-Comply skateboard shop here in Austin.

Guess you could buy one from these guys if you were in the market for an army of bunnies.