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Diego Goes To Japan July 13, 2015


We sent our newest employee, Diego, on an overseas trip. He hasn’t traveled too much so I’m sure it was all a bit overwhelming for him. We pretty much said, “Here’s a plane ticket to a country you’ve never been and to meet people you don’t know. You’re on your own!” He visited our office in Taiwan to check out samples of the 2016 bikes and do some QC work. He then jumped over to Japan to visit our awesome distributor MX International. They organized a ride for him with one of their favorite bike shops. He was certainly in good hands and he’s put together a nice little story about his Japan ride. It’s good inspiration to get out there into the unknown… you can almost feel his wide eyed wonder at the places they rode through. -Taj


Fairdales in Japan December 13, 2011

Here’s a Fairdale ad from our distributor in Japan. It ran in Pedal Speed magazine. No idea what it says but stoked on it nonetheless.

Need a Fairdale in Japan? Hit up Motocross International at