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Solving the problems of BMX through design. April 14, 2010

It seems that as BMX increasingly becomes more and more technical many riders are feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty. At the same time it seems like many young rider are making it all look just too easy. Today Fairdale introduces two new concepts to solve both problems.

First up is the Nose-Peg nosewheelie learning device. We took the normal axle peg and fitted it with a small “learning” wheel. The peg can be rotated on the axle to find the optimum balance point. In this way a rider can learn to roll around on his front wheel.

If like many of today’s young riders you find BMX to be just too easy we introduce the “Ironing Board” BMX to Uni-cycle adapter. Our engineers claim a 500% increase in riding difficulty with this adapter over a normal BMX. The scissor like device can be adjusted to fit any BMX bicycle by simply attaching to the front and rear dropouts. An ordinary BMX rear wheel is fitted to the device and a chain is connected to provide locomotion.

“Smooth out your BMX style with the Fairdale Ironing Board BMX to Uni-cycle adapter!!”