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Heads up, Austin! November 8, 2017

If you’re heading North on Lamar out of Downtown, be sure to look up!

Drumming and Skating with Erik Conn June 16, 2015

Inside the Fairdale Tribe Erik Conn holds a seat of wisdom. Even before I knew him personally I could tell by watching him play drums that he was doing a hell of a lot more than mechanically keeping the beat. Watching him play was almost spiritual… or maybe you could say it was in that special zone where there was no thinking… it was all feeling. It’s kind of a rarity to find folks who are so obviously doing what they are supposed to be doing. Who are so committed to following their heart. I think we all sense those signs tugging at our lives, but it’s not always easy to find the courage to go the direction they lead. We sent our film-man extraordinaire Francis Delapena down to Austin to try and capture some of the inspiration that Erik is.


Empire Mural Day 4 February 7, 2012

Well, to be honest I didn’t accomplish a whole lot on the Empire mural today… or at least it doesn’t really look any different. So here instead is a picture of Monty getting ready to head home from last night.


Bike stuff to do in austin April 20, 2010

First up this weekend we got the Vclub video premier.

Check it out here:

And then, Sandy Carson and I have been playing bike polo which is lots of fun (and doesn’t seem to require too much back strength so I can actually play sometimes).

A few random Polo events here:

Bike Polo Mallet Building Party

Hardcourt Bike Polo (Sunday)

Hardcourt Bike Polo (Thursday)

South Side Bike Polo