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AVAILABLE NOW: 13 Brand New Bikes! October 21, 2022

Everything from our kid-friendly Macaroni all the way to the adventure ready Nomad, we’ve got a bike for you.

2023 Fairdale Preview August 8, 2022

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. We get to share the new 2023 Fairdale bike line with you.

As always, we’ve kept Fairdale’s goal of making bikes that are enjoyable to ride at the top of our design boards. We love riding bikes, so we want to create bikes that you will love too… it really is that simple.

You can hop aboard a Fairdale and go bike-packing, head to a yoga class, pedal instead of driving to work, cruise to coffee, or take a focused ride that includes the big climbs. Heck, do all of those things! But remember, a good bike is fun to ride anytime. You don’t need a reason or goal. Hop aboard a Fairdale and let the pleasure of riding a bike brighten your day. Every pedal will make you happier, and that hard-to-put-your-finger-on sensation is what we build into every bike we make.

From the Macaronis all the way to the Nomads, we’ve got a bike for you. These new models are landing worldwide soon and will be arriving in the USA over the next few months.