Leif rides the Dolores 100 October 8, 2015

Leif_woolie_in_the_trees copyOur team rider Leif  just rode the very exclusive Dolores 100 self-supported mountain bike adventure. The race centered around Dolores, CO and included about 9 billion feet of climbing. He did the ride with his girlfriend (Jonesy Pants) in 12 hours and 20 minutes. Somehow they had energy after the race to stop and do some more riding on the way home in Kenosha Pass and at a friend’s place in Durango. Read more to see some of the wilderness few people get to ride.

1-dolores-cabin_on_the_riverCabin on the river

2-dolores-mcpheereservior-mg_1549McPhee Reservoir

3-dolores-faster_than_a_speeding_panorama_jonesypantsFaster than a speeding panorama

3-5-dolores-kindsnacking_on_dolores100Snacking on Dolores* [Product Placement]

4-dolores-danzig_rides_mtbDanzig Rides

4-5-doloresspeeding_jonesypantsSpeeding Jonesy Pants


5-2-dolores-otherside_of_mcphee_resOther side of McPhee

5-5-dolores-remote_chiropractor_schoolRemote Chiropractor

6-dolores-jonesy_in_the_treesJonesy in the Trees

8-dolores-golden_hour_dolores100Golden Hour in the Dolores 100

9-dolores-leif_pondering_the-moonLeif pondering the moon

10-dolores-miles_from_the-finishMiles from the finish

11-dolores-jonesy_meets_jerrylee_the_excellentitaliangreyhoundJonesy meets Jerry Lee the excellent Italian Greyhound

acorn_heyman"Hey man"

coffee_guard_dogsCoffee guard dogs

coffee_warsCoffe wars

deer_for_dogsCoffe guard deer

engineer_reflectorsRefectors at Engineer

engineer_snack_breakSnack time at Engineer* [Product placement]

engineer_viewEngineer view

fall_guysFall guides (or Ace of Aspen)

good_wordsGood words

gradient_leavesGradient leaves

hobo-mtb-projectHobo MTB project

humans_have_dumpsterdiving_competition_in_durangoHumans have dumpster diving competition

into_the_goldInto the gold


jonesypants_gold_treesJonesy Pants in the gold trees

jonesypantstina-engineer_mtnJonesy and Tina at Engineer

joneypants_on_jabbathehotspringsJabba the Hot Springs

leif_ons_jabbathehotspringLeif at Jabba the Hot Springs

listening_to_elk_bugleListening to the Elk bugle

loadedup-mg_0901Loaded up

lonely_robotLonely robot

mountain_showersMountain showers

nice_view_roadsNice road views

tinajonesypants_out_of-_the_aspensTina and Jonesy escape the Aspens. Extra thanks to the Ooleys for being our rad friends and letting us drink their coffee.

tinypants_squirrelThis dude

turtle_wsocksTurtle with tube socks