Bike sizing through the internet is hard October 5, 2015


We receive quite a lot of questions about bike sizing. It’s an obvious question to ask but one that isn’t always that easy to answer. In an ideal world you’d head down to your local bike shop and have them “size” you for a bike.


The CSPC gives you the above sizing information. Of course you don’t want to get “crotched” every time you try to dismount your bike but there is a lot more to bike sizing than the standover height.


People come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some have longer legs or some have longer torsos or whatever you got going on.


You can (or hopefully a bike shop can help you) make all kinds of adjustments to a bike for fit. Adjusting bar height, stem length, seat height, seat set back and a bunch of other things probably means you can fit more than one size frame.


Ultimately what matters is that you feel comfortable on the bike and that you will want to ride it.


You probably don’t need your bike set up in full “race mode” if you are just going to be casually cruising. If you start putting in 100’s of miles a more aggressive fit might be ideal. You might have back issues or who knows what to work around. The idea is that bikes do have a lot of flexibility and if something doesn’t feel right (on a bike from any brand) there’s probably a way to adjust it.


These photos are on our 2015 Weekender Archer (which will still be in some bike shops). The 2016 Weekenders coming in November will have the same geometry.