Tokyo to Nagoya: Last Day September 22, 2014

We all took a train together back into Tokyo in the evening after the last event.  I felt like every rider who was on the trip had become a friend. Pretty awesome group! I had a little time the next day before my flight to wander around and shop a bit for my petsitters. You could easily spend weeks exploring Tokyo, but even the little bit I did see was entertaining. Great people watching and interesting shops everywhere. A quick train ride to the airport and I was headed back home.

I never made it TAJimi but I'd have to assume its pretty cool.

I never made it TAJimi but I’d have to assume its pretty cool.

To sum it all up my ride was a lot of fun. With zero planning and no expectations for what I might see I completely enjoyed myself. Riding Japan was sometimes busy and hectic, but I never heard a car horn or had someone yell at me. It is also a very safe feeling place to be. I truly hope that it might inspire some of you to do a little adventure ride. You don’t have to be super fit since you can go any pace you like. You don’t have to know where you’re going and you don’t have to bog yourself down with tons of planning. I totally get that traveling to a new place where you don’t know anyone or how things work can be a daunting thought, but (at least in my experience) you’ll figure it out. Hop on a bike and see where you end up!

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